Hey there, people! This is me my friend and neighborhood ad writer, Eama! You may wonder what an advertising blog is. Let me explain that it’s more than simply a blog that has enough ads. However, if you’d like to give me money I’ll be happy to accept.

As an advertising blogger, I am required to stay up-to-date with the most recent developments in the field of advertising. Let me say, it’s a wild place that’s out there. In everything from Super Bowl commercials to Instagram influencers, There’s always something new to discuss.

Don’t worry I’m not just going to be boring you with industry jargon. I’ll break down things so even your grandmother can understand. If your grandmother isn’t a copywriter, which is the case, she most likely is an expert in the field.

Then, why would you be concerned about ad blogs? For starters, advertisements are everywhere. It’s on your phone, on your television, and even your cup of coffee. For us as consumers, we need to be aware of the products we’re offered and the way we’re targeted. And who doesn’t enjoy an entertaining commercial that is meme-worthy?

If you’d like to keep abreast in all things marketing (and maybe even get some laughter throughout the process) stay with me and my blog about advertising. Together, we’ll traverse the maze of advertisements and end up winning. At least, with a catchy tune that is stuck in our heads.

My mail address is: zjjzyrbl@gmail.com