15 Best Display Ad Examples to Inspire Your Campaigns

The digital marketing world is as dynamic as it is large. The web is filled with businesses competing for interest, and at the center of this online battlefield is displayed advertising essential weapon in the arsenal of any marketer.
In the world of digital advertising display ads continue to be a powerful tool. Their aesthetic appeal and capacity for targeted placement make them an effective instrument to boost awareness of brands as well as lead acquisition and even conversion. However, in a time when the average consumer is flooded by a plethora of ads every day How do you design an ad for display that is distinctive?
To help you develop your strategy for advertising We’ve put together fifteen outstanding examples of display ads from different experts in the field, each one an example of the imagination and expertise that can take the quality of a campaign to outstanding. Take a look as we explore the factors that make these ads work as well as the lessons that you could take away from.

Display Advertising
Display Advertising

Table of Contents

  • What is Display Advertising?
  • Best Display Ad Examples for 2024
    • PayPal
    • Mail Chimp
    • Perigold
    • Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans
    • Progressive Auto Insurance
    • HP
    • Disney Plus
    • Vista Print
    • Volkswagen
    • Casper
    • Intel
    • Microsoft
    • Nivea
  • Strategies for Businesses to Thrive with Display Advertising
  • Summary

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising are advertisements that appear in the form of visuals that are displayed on third-party sites or apps, as well as on social media using the Google Display Network or other advertising platforms. They could include pictures, text, or audio media. They are usually designed to entice users to visit an online page, where they can act, like purchasing something or signing up for the newsletter.

If done correctly If done correctly, display advertisements can be very efficient – they could make people aware of products they saw but did not purchase and introduce new customers to your company, or advertise an offer that is only available for a certain period. In a time in which consumers are constantly bombarded by marketing messages, it’s crucial to make your ad stand out. Your ad has to be appealing, relevant, and delivered to the appropriate target audience.

Best Display Ad Examples for 2024

PayPal: The Power of Testimonial

Ad Type: Animated Banner

Target Audience: Small Business Owners

Display ad example from PayPal
Display ad example from PayPal

PayPal’s advertisement showed the power of user reviews by displaying real business owners as well as the impact PayPal was able to have on their expansion. The banner used animation to emphasize key figures such as “processed over $100 million in payments” to provide credibility to the assertions.

What’s Unique: Focusing on the advantages that are a hit with its intended customers–ease of usage as well as financial management and growth strategies –PayPal has developed an engaging display advertisement that helps build trust and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of community.

Mail Chimp: Creative Copy and Constant Branding

Ad Type: Static and HTML5 Banners

Target Audience: E-commerce Businesses

The display ads of Mail Chimp aren’t just attractive due to their vibrant color scheme They also keep the same brand style across different types of ads. In addition, they have funny yet precise text that addresses e-commerce’s problems and the ads of Mail Chimp create a powerful combination of familiarity and attention-grabbing strategies.

Why it’s Great: It is aware of its target market. The focus of the campaign on solutions based on data promises to appeal to the intended people who are probably already comfortable with the system.

Perigold: The Art of Personalization

Ad Type: Retargeted Ads

Target Audience: Luxury Home Buyers

Perigold benefited from Retargeting to give hyper-personalized ads that showcase products previously seen by users. They also subtly advertise exclusivity using high-end imagery as well as limited-time deals.

What makes it so great: The advertisement’s ability to combine the sense of urgency with familiarity is a great strategy to boost brand awareness and increase conversions in a specific market.

Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans: The Power of Visuals and Time-Sensitive Messaging

Ad Type: Rich Media

Target Audience: Mortgage Seekers

The Rocket Mortgage rich media advertisement used captivating images to tell a complete story on just one screen. Combining this with elements that are time-sensitive such as “last chance” and “limited time offer” gives the impression of urgency.

What’s Special About It: The ad grabs the eye and communicates a message energetically in the confines of the advertising space. It also positions it as a solution for the most common issue for consumers: time pressure.

Wells Fargo Bank: Interactive Data Presentation

Ad Type: Rich Media

Target Audience: Financially Savvy Individuals

The investment of Wells Fargo in rich media enabled the display of complex financial information interactively and in a way that was engaging. The viewers could look through different segments of the ad improving their understanding regarding the products.

What’s Special About It: In an industry that is full of terms, this advertisement is notable for its educational value and the way it simplifies complex concepts which makes it more accessible for potential buyers.

Progressive Auto Insurance: The Power of Empathy and Problem-Solving

Ad Type: Video Ads

Target Audience: Vehicle Owners

Progressive’s advertisement utilized storytelling to show the empathy of car owners. With humor and relatable scenarios, the commercial not only entertains but also positions the company as a solution-oriented brand to everyday car issues.

Why it’s Great: The advert focused on creating emotional bonds with the viewers in addition to the benefit of convenience with a payment plan and a method that could be a hit with a wide audience.

HP: The Interplay of Message and Seasonality

Ad Type: Static Banners

Target Audience: Tech Enthusiasts

HP’s static banners incorporated a seasonally relevant theme with powerful brand messages. The advertisement featured winter-themed imagery along with offers for the latest products, which were perfectly timed to coincide with the season of shopping for Christmas.

What’s Special: The commercial took advantage of the festive mood without compromising the essence of HP’s brand. It was also made sure that the message was not only pertinent but also akin to HP’s image of a manufacturer of the latest technology.

AIRFRANCE: Multi-Language and Multi-Cultural Approach

Ad Type: Static and Rich Media Banners

Target Audience: International travelers

AIRFRANCE’s display ads seamlessly change between different languages and contexts without detracting from the overall message and aesthetic. This display of global awareness and connectivity could efficiently reach international travelers.

Why it’s outstanding: It is tolerant and adapts to its diverse audience’s ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as demonstrating an ability to speak on the audience’s preferences.

Disney Plus: The Power of Nostalgia and Simple, Clear Messaging

Ad Type: Animated and Video Banners

Target Audience: Family and Entertainment Enthusiasts

Disney Plus leveraged animated and video banners that invoke nostalgia through beloved characters as well as simple, concise messaging that highlighted the platform’s depth in the material.

Why It’s Great: The ads make use of Disney’s wealth of IP which allows the brand to create an emotional connection for new as well as returning customers.

Vista Print: The Personal Touch

Ad Type: HTML5 Banners

Target Audience: Start-ups and Small Businesses

Vista Print’s HTML5 banners allow live text editing, which allows customers to engage with ads and alter their message to suit the current conditions. This dynamic and personal element can benefit and increase the brand’s reputation in addition to boosting conversions.

What’s Special: The trend of personalization is taking off Vista Print’s ads allowing customers to experience the customizing service firsthand, which increases the value of the product.

Volkswagen: The Influence of the Visual Setup

Ad Type: Rich Media and Video Banners

Target Audience: Environmentally Conscious Consumers

Volkswagen’s vibrant media and video banners presented the electric cars in an appealing and original context, which emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable development.

What makes it stand out: It employs a unique approach to create a compelling story about its product, not only the features but also the underlying philosophy behind the product’s line.

Casper: The Tailored User Experience

Ad Type: Retargeted Ads

Target Audience: Health and Comfort Seekers

The ads featured detailed images of products with personal messages that leveraged information from users to make the advertisement feel like a personal interaction with the customer.

What makes it so great: Casper is a great product. With a product that’s as individual as an item for sleeping or a mattress Casper’s ads are targeted to meet the customer’s desire for comfort and attention to detail, energetically replicating the in-store experience on the internet.

Intel: Future-Forward and Edutainment

Ad Type: Rich Media

Target Audience: Tech-savvy and Creative Professionals

Intel’s media ad featured an engaging, future-oriented of the company’s products and capabilities. The ad’s educational aspect offers more than a simple sales pitch, it is entertaining and educational simultaneously.

What makes it so great: By showcasing Intel’s innovativeness and outlook towards the next generation of tech, HTML0 speaks directly to the professionals who want a glimpse into the future to be.

Microsoft: The Collaborative Power of Compelling Imagery

Ad Type: Static and Rich Media Banners

Target Audience: Professionals

Microsoft advertising example
Microsoft advertising example

The Microsoft display ads always include high-quality, engaging images that showcase the products it sells in actual-world settings as well as work situations, emphasizing the power of technology to collaborate and productivity.

The reason it’s so great: Because of its simplicity and clarity of the utility of the product, these ads highlight the benefits of Microsoft’s products, without bogging them down with unnecessary text or details.

Nivea: The Power of Simplicity and Clear Call to Action

Ad Type: Static and Video Banners

Target Audience: Beauty and Personal Care Enthusiasts

Nivea’s ads for display featured concise, clear messaging with soothing images that represent what they offer in their products. They also used strong calls-to-action that lead the user to a landing page that allows additional engagement.

What makes it so great: The advertisement emphasizes the sensory aspect of the experience for customers, to create an emotional connection that motivates purchases, action, and ultimately, loyalty.

Strategies for Businesses to Thrive with Display Advertising

Know Your Audience

Before designing your advertisement, you need to identify the audience you’re targeting. Make use of data and insight into your audience to create ads that are tailored to their interests and habits.

Simple Designs

Create an ad that is simple to comprehend at a glance. Make sure you use clear images, colors, and fonts that reflect your brand’s image and provide an aesthetic that is consistent with your other marketing materials.

Include a strong call to Action

Your call to action (CTA) must be concise and persuasive. Utilize phrases such as “Buy Now”, “Learn More” Learn More”, or “Get Started” to direct your customers to what to do next.

Test and optimize

Use A/B testing to determine what aspects of your ads work desirable. It doesn’t matter if it’s the headline, image, or even the color scheme even small adjustments can result in significant increases in click-through rates.

Concentrate on landing pages

Be sure that your advertisement’s messaging is consistent with your landing page’s material that you have on the landing page. An obvious connection can boost the experience for users and raise the chance of conversion.


Retargeting: Make use of campaigns that retarget people who have already interacted on your behalf with the brand. This will engage them again and benefit move them further along to the sale funnel.

Use the Best Practices for Ad Sizes Ad sizes vary

Different sizes work better on different platforms. Be sure to be familiar with the excellent guidelines for each type of ad that you design.

Monitoring Performance

Maintain a watch on your advertisement’s performance indicators. Knowing what is working (or does not) will help you improve your approach and design more efficient advertising in the coming years.


    Display advertising is an amazing chance to engage with your audience in a highly visual manner. Make sure you keep the user experience and the unique voice of your brand at the center of your advertisement design. You should also constantly examine and refine for the desirable outcome. bring off your perfect payoff. With a little imagination and targeted targeting that is strategic, along with a dedication to quality advertising, your display ads will be a powerful instrument in your arsenal of marketing tools.

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