The 10 Best Pinterest Advertising Agencies for 2024

If you are eager to start advertising online, you must have heard about the hype surrounding Pinterest and its business potential. However, negotiating the asteroid belt of Pinterest advertising feels like entering into the woods without a chart. Through the following in-depth manual, we will tell you the reasons why hiring a Pinterest advertising agency can be beneficial for your company and we will feature the top 10 most popular Pinterest advertising agencies for the 2024 market which have managed to set their stamp in that industry.

Pinterest Advertising Agency
Pinterest Advertising Agency

Table of Contents

  • Why Do You Need to Hire a Pinterest Advertising Agency?
  • Top 10 Pinterest Advertising Agencies
    • Taktical Digital
    • Mayple
    • Voy Media
    • Chatterkick
    • Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
    • Profit Whales
    • Moburst
    • Ignite Social Media
    • TribalVision
    • AdToro
  • Choosing the Right Pinterest Marketing Agency
  • Conclusion

The Importance of Pinterest Advertising in 2024

Pinterest isn’t only a social media site It’s also a platform for discovery that allows users to look around, find inspiration, and make plans for the future. With more than 450 million active users per month and over 85 percent of Pinners admitting to having bought something because of the material they’ve seen on behalf of brands Pinterest can be a huge resource to businesses seeking to reach out to a potential crowd. The platform’s unique search capabilities, precise user-targeting, and high intent to buy make it an effective tool that can be used to enhance all digital strategies.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Pinterest Advertising Agency?

Pinterest isn’t a site to be considered lightly. This visual-based search engine has been getting enormous traction and is rapidly growing into a major player in the game of advertising on social media. Here are some reasons to think about the possibility of hiring a Pinterest marketing agency to promote your company:

  • the complexity of tools for advertising: The different types of ads each need specific strategies and a thorough understanding of how to target audiences in the application is crucial.
  • Optimizing Visual Content for the Web: Creating captivating visuals and optimizing them to work on the web is an art field of study that requires experts to bring their expertise.
  • Unique Users and Audiences: The users of Pinterest use the site to look for inspiration and develop plans. Knowing and utilizing this motivation requires a sophisticated method.
  • Data-driven Results: Pinterest gives the data, however, agencies can transform it into actionable information that can benefit the effectiveness of campaigns.

Top 10 Pinterest Advertising Agencies

Taktical Digital

Taktical Digital, a New York-based firm, doesn’t claim to improve the effectiveness of your Pinterest advertisements; it also guarantees a boost in the return on investment due to its proprietary technology. They are well-known for their data-driven strategy and their ability to customize each campaign to meet the individual needs of their customers.

Core advantages:

  • Specialized Pinterest ad managers
  • In-depth data and analytics
  • Trend analysis for pin creation


Mayple is an online platform that connects businesses with top marketers. The high-touch approach of the agency guarantees that customers receive well-thought-out strategies for their Pinterest advertisements, which are later executed by Mayple’s specialized group of marketing professionals.

Core advantages:

  • Access to top marketing professionals
  • Performance-based pricing
  • A focus on scaling marketing optimally

Voy Media

Headed up by New York, Voy Media is a digital marketing company that specializes in Pinterest advertising. They strive to deliver real payoffs by combining strategic planning and data analysis. and are further supported by their skilled team of advertising specialists.

Core advantages:

  • Performance-driven approach
  • Team expertise in Pinterest advertising
  • Attention to custom, creative solutions


The Iowa-based Chatterkick is all about communicating. Their unique strategy for Pinterest advertising shines through in their ability to develop engaging brand stories. With a focus on managing social media, they have mastered connecting Pinterest with other marketing strategies.

Core advantages:

  • Strong individual client relationships
  • Unique approach to storytelling
  • Integration of Pinterest into holistic marketing

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Agency aims to do exactly that, to excel in the web-based marketing game. Their services are extensive and include SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. They have the benefit of a team that specializes in Pinterest advertising. They’re committed to making advertisements that are engaging for users and bring users to the sites of their clients.

Core advantages:

  • Full-service marketing agency
  • A team dedicated to Pinterest
  • Track record of delivering online engagement

Profit Whales

Profit Whales puts a spotlight on automated bid control in the Pinterest advertising market. Their AI-based approach is ideal for companies looking to increase the effectiveness of their ads on Pinterest while also being flexible and responsive to market changes.

Core advantages:

  • AI-driven bid management
  • Data transparency
  • Focus on profitable campaigns


With offices with offices in Tel Aviv, New York in New York, and Tel Aviv San Francisco, Moburst is in a good position to provide a global view in Pinterest advertising. They are a specialist in mobile marketing and warrant that the client’s Pinterest campaigns are designed to appeal to the ever-growing mobile market.

Core advantages:

  • Global mobile marketing vision
  • Pinterest mobile optimization
  • Unique creative designs and strategies

Ignite Social Media

The first pioneer in the field of social media, Ignite Social Media was created in 2007 to make social media simple but effective. Their specialized method of Pinterest advertising guarantees that each dollar spent on your advertising budget is utilized to the maximum extent for maximum impact.

Core advantages:

  • Early entrants to the social media game
  • Seasoned expertise in Pinterest marketing
  • Simplified, effective strategies that deliver


TribalVision’s strategy is to act as a complement to your company, with experts fully integrated. They’re dedicated to helping smaller and mid-sized companies and ensuring that even small marketing budgets yield substantial returns.

Core advantages:

  • Embedded specialist model
  • Focus on small and mid-size businesses
  • Cost-effective, high-impact campaigns


AdToro offers a distinctive approach to the idea of “people-based marketing.” Their Pinterest advertising strategies are designed to interact with individuals, not the general public, providing more targeted and thus more relevant marketing messages.

Core advantages:

  • People-based marketing approach
  • Personalized ad campaigns
  • A/B testing to maximize campaign ROI

When choosing any of the perfect agencies entrepreneurs with small businesses as well as digital marketing professionals can warrant that they’ll get the best skills and strategies that are specifically tailored to be successful on Pinterest.

Choosing the Right Pinterest Marketing Agency

Understand Your Goals

Before browsing, ensure that you have a solid and precise idea concerning the aim to achieve from the application of Pinterest ads! For example, if you are aiming to launch the brand name, drive website traffic, or increase the turnover, the scenario is different, so the measurement needs to be put in place, which your friends need to be tight with.

Past Performance

Examine the history of the agency. Did they work with companies like yours? What kinds of payoff have they produced over the years? Customer testimonials and case studies are valuable sources of information on what you should expect.

Communication Style

Effective communication is essential to an effective partnership. Find agencies that are receptive and can explain their strategy and the reasoning for them clearly.

Budget and ROI

Be honest regarding the budget you have set and ensure that the agency can work within your financial limitations. They should also be competent to offer additional reasonable expectations regarding ROI from their previous campaigns.

Cultural Fit

Make sure that the agency’s beliefs and methods are in line with your brand’s values and ethos. A relationship should feel cooperative and comfortable for both parties.


Pinterest subsequently, Is a contagion where advertisers can most uniquely share their stories and resultantly. Buying from the most qualified Pinterest marketing agency companies can help them harness this power and achieve their marketing targets by 2024, and even beyond.

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