10 Best Practices for Pinterest Ads

In the dynamic world that is digital marketing, Pinterest is a flourishing landscape for both marketers and small-scale business owners as well. Its unique mix of curation, social sharing and discovery provides an ideal platform for companies to communicate their message to a receptive audience. But how do you stand out in a garden so lush with competition?
This comprehensive guide unveils the top 10 best practices for crafting Pinterest ads that not only bloom but also yield an abundant harvest of brand visibility, customer engagement, and sales growth.

Best Practices for Pinterest Ads
Best Practices for Pinterest Ads

Leverage the Visual Storytelling Power of Pinterest

Understanding the Pinterest Persona

Users of Pinterest are avid explorers looking for inspiration to realize their desires and goals. They search for inspiration about everything from home decor to fashion, travel, and food. Your advert should be able to seamlessly integrate into this narrative. consider less about sending out a message and more about being part of someone’s dreams.

Crafting a Consistent Aesthetic

Pins must reflect the brand’s style of design. A uniform design, color palette, and branding components can benefit the pins to stand out and get recognized. When people see your pin, they’ll immediately connect it with your brand.

Engage with Problem-Solving on Pinterest

Your products or services are featured in relatable situations that address problems or bring value to the lives of your customers. This method entices people to take a look by demonstrating the practical use of your product or service instead of just what it is or looks like.

Know Your Advertising Objectives

Understanding Different Campaign Objectives

Pinterest provides a range of goals for campaigns, including awareness of engagement, traffic videos, app downloads, and conversions. Understanding the objective that is most compatible with your objectives is crucial in preparing your campaigns to be successful.

Set Measurable Goals

Before putting together an ad determine what success looks like. It could be increased site visitors, more sign-ups, or a greater number of conversions. Be aware of these numbers when you create your ad.

Tailoring Your Content to Your Goal

Each goal requires a distinct method. If you are running a traffic-related campaign it is possible to incorporate a clear call-to-action for users to click. If you want to create awareness you should focus on visuals with a high impact which don’t need users to go off Pinterest.

Select the Right Pin Type and Format

Standard Pins and Carousel Pins

Standard pins are the foundation, but carousel pins allow for multiple images with different images and links in a single ad, perfect for telling a story or showcasing variations in a product. Use them to guide your customer through a narrative that ends with your desired action.

Shopping Pins

Pinterest is a hotbed for shopping inspiration, and by using shopping pins, you allow users to purchase items in your pin directly, streamlining the path to conversion.

Video Pins for Storytelling

Video pins can be extremely effective in capturing attention. Make the first few seconds count, and ensure that the video can stand on its own visually if the sound is off. 

Making Designing Work Using High-Quality Visuals

The Importance of Clear, High-Resolution Images

Your pin can be a visual storefront and high-quality images make for an appealing display that draws people into. Images that are blurry or poorly-quality can harm the image of your company and may cause a loss of pins.

Size and Aspect Ratio Matters

Make sure that your images are at a minimum of 600 pixels wide and have an aspect ratio of 2:3. This will ensure that your image is perfect on every device and won’t get removed or altered.

Text Overlay Best Practices

When you’re creating text for your pins try to keep it short and in line with the 20 percent rule. Text that is too long can become excessive and can limit the visibility of the pin.

Crafting a Compelling Description

The Power of Persuasive Copy

The description of your pin is an unnoticed hero who can help your visuals. Write compelling copy that appeals to the needs of your target audience or needs and incorporates relevant keywords that are easy to find.

Calls to Action

It is important to be clear about your goal for the person who pins your message to achieve next. It could be to learn more, go to your website, or even make a purchase, a compelling appeal to the action crucial for triggering actions.

Optimizing for Search

Include searchable phrases and terms pertinent to your material. This will benefit your pin to show up in the results of a search payoff and boost the visibility of your content.

Targeting Your Audience and Relevance

Refining Your Targeting Options

Pinterest’s extensive targeting options let you narrow your focus on interests, demographics, and even life occasions. Be sure to align your targeting with your research on your target audience to warrant the highest level of relevance.

Personalizing Your Content

One size doesn’t fit all approach isn’t effective on Pinterest. Make use of the data you’ve collected about your target audience to customize your posts and ensure they stick out.

Seasonal and Trend-Relevant Pins

Stay up to date with the latest trends and seasonal subjects. This keeps your material current but also puts your brand within an environment that is most popular for your target audience.

A/B Testing for Pin Perfection

Why A/B Testing Is Vital

A/B testing lets you examine various versions of the pins and determine which ones perform better. It’s the perfect way to determine the elements that resonate with your target audience and fine-tune your approach.

Testing Images, Descriptions, and Calls to Action

Play around with different image descriptions, descriptions, demands for action, and different pin types to determine the perfect combination.

Learn and Iterate

The knowledge that you obtain through A/B testing can be invaluable. Make use of them to guide your next campaigns and constantly increase and modify your Pinterest advertisement strategy.

Tailoring Your Landing Pages for Pinterest Traffic

Design a Coherent Experience

Your pin as well as your landing page must work together to create an unison experience for your users. Check that the visuals as well as the messaging and flow from the pin to the landing page are in sync.

Keeping it Mobile-Friendly

A large portion of Pinterest traffic is generated by mobile devices. Your landing page must be designed to work with mobile devices to keep away from friction and lost visits.

Testing and Optimization

Similar to your pins, you must be testing the A/B of your landing pages to boost their conversions. Test various types of layouts, forms, and materials to discover which one is working accurately to appeal to your Pinterest users.

Measuring Success and Adapting Your Strategy

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Determine the KPIs the most pertinent to your goals. This could include engagement rates as well as click-through rate (CTR) or conversion rates and ROI.

Pinterest Analytics

Use Pinterest’s analytics tools to obtain insight into the way your Pinterest pins are working. Find out the things that are working and not working, and then use this information to tweak your future campaigns.

Continuous Optimization

Marketing using Pinterest is not a standard solution. Through constant optimization of your ads in line with performance data and trends, you will discover new opportunities to grow and succeed.

Staying Creative and Current

A Fresh Approach to Content

Maintain your material up-to-date and your marketing campaigns creative. Insane material can lead to a loss of engagement. Keep up-to-date by reviewing regularly and re-evaluating your strategy.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Think about collaborating with influencers or other brands to reach their fan base. Partnerships can help you expand your reach and offer a fresh perspective to your marketing campaigns.

Pinterest Updates and Features

Keep up-to-date with the most current features and updates from Pinterest. The platform is always developing and new features regularly provide new opportunities for marketers.


Pinterest provides a stunning canvas for businesses to create their advertising masterpieces. If you follow these 10 best practices you’ll be on the way to creating Pinterest advertisements that stand out from the noise, grab interest, and produce outcomes. Keep in mind that Pinterest isn’t merely about advertising, it’s about bringing inspiration. When you advertise on Pinterest make sure you are an inspiration source and be a partner on the creative journey of the pinner The results will follow.

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