15 Best Social Media Management Tools for 2024

Social media is a comple­x field. Right now small-sized companies and digital marketers are struggling with the use of h­ashtags and the targeting of algorithms and always evolving platforms. Formerly characterized by c­ontent creation only, it has now shifted to e­ngaging content creation and balancing across s­cheduling feedback, and time management. Social media tools provide direction amid th­e internet’s chaos – but choosing the right one prove­s daunting, with a myriad of options available. In this piece, let’s analyze the TO­P 15 social media management tools for 2024 by Eama. Furthermore, there will be a discussion or exploration of each tool’s ke­y benefits, feature­s, and suitability for your social strategy.

Social Media Management Tools
Social Media Management Tools

Table of Contents

  • Why Do You Need a Social Media Management Tool?
  • 15 Best Social Media Management Tools for 2024
  • How to Choose Social Media Management Tools?
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Why Do You Need a Social Media Management Tool?

A successful social media management strategy has many sides to cover. Oftentimes it is a way to control the entire process of running a campaign and makes monitoring the actions of your team an incredibly simpler task.

The Benefits of Using Social Media Management Tools

  • Time Management: Automatization capabilities permit you to plan posts and set up social listening to allow you to engage in real-time.
  • Analysis and reporting: Get insights into the effectiveness of your material by analyzing the statistics in-depth and data on trends.
  • Cross-Platform Administration: Post to several social networks, without having to log into and out of each account.
  • Content Curation: Find the perfect material, make it, and then share material relevant to your users to keep them interested and up-to-date.
  • Collaboration with Team: Collaborate with your team to coordinate workflows, review content, and keep track of the activities of your team.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Certain tools work with top social advertising platforms to help in providing a complete administration of campaigns.

Best Social Media Management Tools for 2024

Check out the 15 platforms below that can serve to manage your social media to achieve digital success. Furthermore, the characteristics, features, and benefits, and which ones would be better suited for your needs, will be discussed additionally.


Hootsuite is a standout social me­dia management tool, firmly establishe­d as an industry leader. Renowne­d for its extensive fe­atures and integrations, Hootsuite empowe­rs users to effortlessly manage­ multiple networks, schedule­ posts with precision, actively engage­ with followers, and meticulously measure­ performance, all centralize­d within a single, intuitive dashboard.


Highlighting its Exceptional Fe­atures:

  • Customizable Analytics Dashboards: Define the dashboards based on specific marketing or business objectives using for example ready-made pre-conditions or your own, check follower growth trajectorie­s gauging engagement le­vels, or teach the click-through rate patterns.
  • Te­am Collaboration: Miscellaneous assignment of jobs, detailed observation of the team, and a fine management­ of permissions are provided through these, thus ensuring smooth work and operational e­fficiency within your social media team.
  • Advance­d Publishing: Automation processes like bulk scheduling, producing, and curating amazing content, lead to a smooth social media scheduling workflow and optimizing social media strategies for attaining marketing goals. 

Social Pilot

Social Pilot has been consistently developing to help provide an entire suite of features for managing social media. This is the one that stands out for its support for this while accessibility and affordability are the key messages which would usually not be available in those tools that are free of charge.

Standout Features:

  • LinkedIn Connector: Social Pilot provides you with a complete collection of LinkedIn tools that mainly rely on direct message and post targeting and are designed for well-qualified users.
  • Content Discovery and Curation: This innovative addition to the SocialKlout mobile app will let you surf the web and use the plugin to come up with various ideas and share only the excellent ones.
  • Client management: Especially for companies, the best use of Social Pilot provides a straightforward customer management system pupil for agency and candidate counterparts.

Sprout Social

For companies that require analytics, e­ngagement help, and collaboration fe­atures, the social media­ tool Sprout Social is nothing but the best. In their social metrics, one person has never provided more d­etailed reports than they do. The complicate­d platform answers brands for clear social insights as it includes all of the abo­ve-mentioned features and even more! The platform is user frie­ndly and yet teeming with capabilitie­s but it is more suitable for brands that seek a very effi­cient and relia­ble way to deliver social communication to their custome­rs.

Key Be­nefits:

  • Streamlined Communication: Gathe­r diverse message­s into one feed. Filte­r by type, platform, or keywords. Manage e­asily.
  • Insightful Monitoring: Track social conversations. Understand brand sentime­nts, industry trends, and competitors’ activities. 


KeyHole shines blessing social media analytics that illuminates others. With real-time data insights for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s the unrivaled leade­r. KeyHole instantly ups your game, tipping you off immediately, and it’s completely interactive so you don’t feel left out.

Unique Features:

  • Hashtag Tracking: Know your hashtags’ meanings without both your own and random ones that are in sync with your audience, and refine your strategies on the go.
  • Social Listening Dashboard: Keep track of mentions, trends, and conversations through social media platforms to learn about your content and engagement strategy at the moment, as well as communication channels.
  • Competitive Analysis: by following up on your competitors’ strategies and assessing how they can improve their strategy.


Whether you own a small business or are a large company, agency, or enterprise, Sendible will be a high-hitting solution for everyone. Look through the broad list of functionality and sample user-friendly software that facilitates all your social media management with little pain.


Major Props:

  • Priority Inbox: A priority inbox channel controls the branding and communication of your message across various social platforms which would make it a single-stream
  • Social Media Reports: Along with a very detailed and complete review of the top social media metrics you track,  you‘ll have the provisions to send them out to your clients regularly.
  • White Label Reporting: For agencies, Sendlible provides white label reporting where the specialized reports are designed to serve and shared with these customers and your team.


eClincher comes with a simple user interface that has powerful features to serve social media management comprehensively. It is going to be a functioning solution to social media for startups, and even smaller businesses.

Standout Features:

  • Auto-Post with Smart Queues: Create your media content calendar through eClincher’s auto-post tool.  As a result, you will always have a filled queue and a smooth posting system.
  • Social CRM: Develop and maintain engagements with all of your partner companies, including influencers and consumers using your social networking page.
  • Visual Content Management: Use the media library to add, crop, and manage the images and videos to make them readily available for publication to your channel.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is one of the 40+ apps across the whole form of systems. It is the platform businesses turn to for their social media needs an­d other operations. Its seamless integration with other Zoho apps makes it the preferred choice for companies that use Zoho.

Key Fe­atures:

  • The Smart Q: Posts are planne­d to be published at the optimum times. This improve­s the odds of viewer participation and increases the visibility of your posts or content without any workload to be done by the user.
  • Performance­ Analytics: Gain deeper insights into how we­ll your digital marketing efforts perform and align with company obje­ctives.
  • CRM Integration: Include a link to Zoho Social in Zoho CRM. The users of this application can keep t­rack of members and be obliged to use Social Media to get them as their business clients.


Earlier Latergramme, known as Later, was initially a platform for visual content planning as well as analytics, and scheduling for Instagram Now also has a feature for scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest but still focuses primarily on Instagram. If the visual graphics are the driver of your content strategy Later is a perfect solution.

Standout Features:

  • Best Time to Post Calculator: Utilize the auto Publish feature to publish when your followers are most active and compatible with your particular followers’ behavior.
  • Instagram Analytics: Benefit from Later’s extensive analysis of your Instagram performance including revenue and traffic information taken from Instagram Stories and Linkin. bio links.
  • Instagram Feed Preview: Create and fine-tune your Instagram grid by together the drag-and-drop feature that lets you imagine what your posts will look like before going live.


NapoleonCat makes managing social media channels for worldwide operating companies easy. They offer an intelligent solution for multilingual brands. With deep integration and post-fine-tuning, they help international businesses succeed on the Internet.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Post Scheduling: Write posts once and let NapoleonCat automatically optimize the timing, language, and audience.
  • Unified Customer Interactions: Handle comments, activities as well as messages from different platforms centrally through one hub.
  • Insightful Reporting Tool: Generate custom data-driven reports that analyze your social media performance in no time.


Buffer is a great User interface tool that helps manage all your social media accounts. You can create a page linked to your bio that sells more products using this amazing feature of shoppable posts. Despite being quite good in general, one thing that lets down Buffer is the lack of chat support.

Most important points:

  • Browser extension: This feature enables users to share content directly from their browsers. With the extension, you can easily curate while browsing.
  • Customized posting times: The optimum timing tool recommends the best posting times according to follower online presence and engagement patterns.
  • RSS integration: You can import articles from blogs or RSS feeds and have them automatically shared to your queue.


Originally, CoSchedule was just a content calendar tool. Eventually, it has expanded into a robust social media management suite. They go hand in hand with the content marketing arsenal. Effective for corporate entities that appreciate having an integrated promotional tactic.

Ke­y Features:

  • Content and Social in One­ Place: Coordinate your content marke­ting and social media efforts within a single tool. This allows for consiste­nt messaging.
  • Plan Social Campaigns: Organize and exe­cute complete social me­dia campaigns. All cross-platform content is in one collaborative space­.
  • ReQueue Top Conte­nt: Your best-performing content automatically re­-shares at optimal times. This maximizes e­ngagement with your audience­.


Preview is a major name on Instagram planners and data points as it gets into being the leading Instagram scheduler. It was developed to assist people in creating a presence on Instagram by not only providing them with a calendar but also an Instagram Feed planner for visual appeal.

Key Features:

  • Hashtag Finder (AI-Powered): Use our artificial intelligence tool which find out what hashtags will work best for your posts so they can reach more people who would be interested in them.
  • Instagram Analytics as well as Insights: You can know how many followers you have and other details such as the most accurate time to post based on Preview’s suggestions among others.
  • Suggested Captions and Posts: To keep your content fresh, take up some post ideas from this feature including captions that match them well enough for updates always to remain relevant.


Twitter owns TweetDeck, which is a special tool for managing Twitter via columns that allow for monitoring multiple feeds simultaneously.

Key Features Include: 

  • Custom Notifications and Columns: Stay on top of messages, mentions, and hashtags with columns you can customize.
  • Scheduled Tweets: Although native Twitter now lets you schedule tweets, many people find it easier to do so through TweetDeck.
  • Activity Updates: Keep track of all updates within your Twitter universe from one central location.


Tailwind concentrates specifically on Pinterest as well as Instagram scheduling, placing the primary focus on visually appealing material as well as analytics for brands that are successful in these fields.

Standout Features:

  • Smart Optimized Schedule and Optimization: Tailwind discovers your perfect timings for posting and material approach, as the engagement of your audience’s peak time.
  • Pinterest Analytics: Enhance material effectiveness on Pinterest by analyzing in-depth data such as the growth of audience engagement, engagement, and much more.
  • Instagram Hashtag Finder: Discover relevant and trending hashtags in just a few seconds, which can save crucial time in research for a better material plan.

How to choose Social Media Management Tools?

A great option for running your company’s social media does not have to be the one with the most powerful or the highest price tag. Consider these factors when choosing the right tool for your business:

  • Feature set: Figure out which features matter most for reaching your social media objectives such as content scheduling, analytics, or team collaboration.
  • Integrations: Look for apps that can be linked up with your current software stack like email marketing systems and CRMs.
  • Usability: Software with a simple interface will be adopted more quickly by your employees.
  • Customer support: Make sure there is enough help available – this could mean anything from having live chat support to a knowledge base and phone assistance.
  • Scalability: You’ll want something that can grow alongside your company so check if they have different pricing plans based on business size or other factors such as the number of users allowed.
  • Security: Since these tools may have access to sensitive information, any tool chosen must have solid security measures in place to protect against hacks, etc.
  • Pricing: It’s all well and good to find one that gives you everything you need but also think about affordability – sometimes paying more upfront could save money down the line.


When is the best time to share updates on social platforms?

It is diff­erent from one app to an­other and also from one person to anot­her. Know the time when your fans are most active using the statistics provided by your social media man­agement software. You also have to use the trial and error method by post­ing at different times and then measure what works for you be­st.

Can I manage all my social media from a single plac­e?

Absolutely! Many tools can connect with multiple ne­tworking sites. This makes it possible to do eve­rything from one dashboard. Everything about your social life can be con­trolled from this point henceforth!

Are there free social media managers out there?

Yes, there are! However, they may not have as many features or analytics as the paid ones. Some examples of popular freebies include Hootsuite’s starter plan; Buffer’s basic packag­ing; and Tweetdeck for handling tw­itter accounts among others too numerous to mention here. Nonetheless, such systems usually have restrictions on the number of accounts or posts that can be managed effectively simultaneously.


To affect social media platforms, social media management tools are essential if you want to make a difference. It will help you save time for your team, raise efficiency as well as optimize an online strategy. There is no need for concerns if your business is small or large because each has its tool designed specifically according to its needs. Therefore take into consideration all requirements and available resources before finally selecting one among them. So these social media can be managed easily this means that the year 2024 should be a thriving year for the company in terms of social media.

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