How to Create Facebook Slideshow Ads

During a period dominated by scrollers, Slideshow Ads are ranked high among every trending digital marketing tool currently in use. Facebook is a huge social media platform that gives large advertising options to countless people who are its users and, in these options, Facebook Slideshow Ads are the ones that are highly disregarded. The subtlety of making engaging slideshows, the specifics of advertisement specifications, and the strategies that can help keep an audience interested are introduced here.

Facebook Slideshow Ads
Facebook Slideshow Ads

Table of Contents

  • What Are Facebook Slideshow Ads?
  • Benefits of Facebook Slideshow Ads
  • When to Use Facebook Slideshow Ads
  • Facebook Slideshow Ad Specs
  • How to Create a Facebook Slideshow Ad
  • Best Practices for Creating Facebook Slideshow Ads
  • Employing Key Tips to Improve Slideshow Ad Performance
  • How to Measure the Success of Your Facebook Slideshow Ads
  • FAQs
  • Wrap-up

What Are Facebook Slideshow Ads?

Imagine a video, but with the easy, fluidity of a photo album. Facebook Slideshow Ads enable users to create animated photo slideshows, which are characterized by capturing photos, recordings, text static images which create a cinematic effect with music, etc. They allow you to capture and also show in a compact form what might be about the features of a particular company, a product, an event, a place, etc. The greatest advantage of slideshow ads is associated with showing rather than just stating something.

Benefits of Facebook Slideshow Ads

Why would organizations devote their dollars to Facebook Slideshow Ads? The answer to this question is in. This piece has a few reasons. Among all of them let us point out the following benefits:


These video ads help play in a loop and it takes only one image instead of a series of pictures recorded in a brief video. Another thing is to make them dynamic video ads. These are a newly introduced ad format and surprise your friends with creative visualizations of the video ad.


If creating video ads is way too dear, try this Facebook Slideshow Ads. With their decreasing file size, slideshow ads make the waiting time shorter enabling you to initiate any smart strategy for your branding campaign.

Creative Flexibility

With Slideshow Ads, creatives are given complete freedom in the ad creation process. Your brand essence gets encompassed in these appealing short videos even though it needs only several visualizations or texts that last just for a moment.

When to Use Facebook Slideshow Ads

While Slideshow Ads can work in a broad range of situations, however, the most effective times to employ them would be:

  • Product Promotion: Present a set of various commodities or highlight specifics through images to tempt viewers and give them an insight into the products.
  • Brand Awareness: Make use of the attention-grabbing visual stories that explain your brand mission, vision, and values for extra impact on potential clients.
  • Educational Content: Deliver methodology or instructions using an image set, thus, providing users with important information and engaging them in the process.
  • Event Promotion: Raise awareness through a pre-event picture launch or give a sneak peek about the way your event will be by sharing part of its concepts through photos.
  • Behind-The-Scenes: Increase the sense of humanity and bonding with your customers learn about your brand’s daily activities and company processes.

Facebook Slideshow Ad Specs

Understanding the technical specifications is crucial for creating a compelling ad. What is described in the advertisement? Here is everything you need to know:

Aspect Ratio

Facebook supports two aspect ratios for Slideshow Ads:

  • Landscape (16:9 aspect ratio recommended)
  • Square (1:1 aspect ratio recommended for ads on Instagram)


For optimal viewing and performance, your slides should have a:

  • Minimum width: 600 pixels
  • Minimum number of 3 images
  • A maximum of 10 images or a 60-second video

File Types

Both images and videos should follow these file format guidelines:

  • .jpg or .png for images
  • .mp4 or .mov for videos

Dimensions and Size

Adhere to these dimensions for the best results:

  • Images – 1MB maximum file size
  • Videos – 4GB maximum file size

How to Create a Facebook Slideshow Ad

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

To create a slideshow ad on Facebook, you need just some simple actions. Here’s how to do it:

Proceed to the Start

Log onto Facebook Ads Manager and click on the Create button. Choose the single image/video option, and upload several images or a video that you like to include as part of your slideshow.

Choose the Slideshow Option

Under a prompt that asks you to select an ad type, opt for Slideshow from the given menu.

Customize Your Slideshow

Organize your pictures in a suitable order of the video clips, and the slideshow can also bite in your text, picture cards, or a slideshow thumbnail. That way, you can make it fittingly branded and provide the viewer with more details.

Select Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

The CTA you decide on should be something that resonates with your objective, be it leading people to the website, making purchases, or downloading an app.

Set Your Ad’s Targeting and Budget

Determine the characteristics of people you need by using demographic data, location targeting, way of life, and behavior. Next, select the campaign’s budget and time frame.

Review and Publish Your Ad

When your ad is finished, have a final smoothening before launching it live, and press “Publish”.

Best Practices for Creating Facebook Slideshow Ads

How good you look is the secret to the success of the slideshow. Remember these best practices while timing the advertisement:

Understand Your Audience and Engage Them with Stories

Remember that customers are not who everyone is looking for. Define your Slideshow Ad as a photo-beginning story and communicate this to the audience, so their desires, needs, or interests are met.

A Style of the Short and Sweet One

Social media platforms provide a very short time and so it is a proven fact that a person’s attention span is usually less. Keep your Slideshow Ad count limited to 10-15 images by shortening the content and keeping the duration under 2 minutes to maintain viewer interest.

A Mean of a High-Quality Visuals

Regarding production quality, even though Slideshow Ads can be more crude as compared to a full video, readers should find the visual content razor-sharp. High-resolution images can promote a visual image that can command a wow factor.

Design Your Ad for the Mobile Experience

Design your Slideshow Ad using the principles of responsive design. Make sure everyone can get everything he needs on the screen and can interact with the m, without zooming in.

Provide a Persuasive Call-to-Action (CTA)

What is the action viewers should take after viewing your ad? Give them clear choices and don’t involve them in any guesswork. Also, place a clear CTA through which users should be able to go to take the next step, like purchase now, learn more, or sign up.

Experiment, Test, and Improve

Use the analytics to test the crossover between your ad and the audience’s practices. After the conclusion of all the tests, test the new results before your final decision.

Collaborate with Facebook’s Creative Hub

For advertisers, Facebook’s Creative Hub is a resource that helps them create different creative texts. It’s a place where you can also do tests with visual elements like Slideshow Ads before implementing them.

Leverage Carousel Ad Formats

Carousel ads can be a good advert format along with Slideshow ads. The use of Carousels comes with additional benefits such as letting the user’s card swipe through an array of content including images, videos, etc. besides special buttons.

Keep Up with Facebook’s Best Practices

Facebook changes the best advertising practices for its platform frequently. Such updates are found to be the latest and useful guidelines and tips to check on the aspect of Slideshow Ads with the current standard and recommendations.

Employing Key Tips to Improve Slideshow Ad Performance


It’s not just about the technicalities. Certain tips can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your Slideshow Ads:

Image and Text Pairing

The images and text should work in harmony. They should support the same message or complement each other to convey a clear narrative. Your ad’s performance can suffer from jarring contrasts.

Use Faces and Focal Points

Humans are wired to respond to faces and clear focal points. Include images with faces and highlighted product or service features to naturally draw the viewer’s gaze and focus their attention on what’s most important in your ad.

Seasonal and Cultural Insights

Incorporate cultural events or seasonal trends that are relevant to your audience. This not only makes your ad more relatable but can also help create a sense of community among viewers.

Leverage User-Generated Content

​User-generated content can significantly increase trust and credibility, especially when it comes to showcasing product experiences and reviews.

Refresh Your Content Regularly

To prevent ad fatigue, update your Slideshow Ads with new images and messages periodically. Keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds by introducing a new look.


Can I use already-made video content to create a Slideshow Ad?

Yes, you can use the existing content as long as it fits within Facebook’s guidelines for length and format.

How many images should I include in my Slideshow Ad?

There are not many images that rule, but be sure that you keep the user’s attention. The guiding principle must be balancing between maintaining the user’s attention and transmitting information without overwhelming it. Most commonly, you can use from 5 to 10 images or video frames.

What content should I put into my Slideshow Ad?

Your slideshow must contain a combination of concise explanations, calls to action, and persuasive messages, all of which share the same branding. The user needs to be warned that the most important details must be displayed at the beginning to attract the viewer’s attention immediately.

How long should my Slideshow Ad be?

Slideshow Ads on Facebook don’t have any set duration limitation. It is advantageous to have a duration as short as possible. The best Slideshows usually last up to 15-30 seconds. This guides the marketing advert to be more concise and transmit the basic information.

Can I use stock images in my Slideshow Ads?

Stock images are certainly good but using them properly is more important than that. Use such images in such a way that it’s not just a general placeholder, but it interacts with the brand. The stock images should be of good quality and match your brand identity.


The art of making beautiful Facebook Slideshow Ads relies mostly on balance. This means that we shall have to keep adding color and remove the noise, scale everywhere we can to reduce the budget but allocate enough resources in the high-quality sections, to reassess some new things, and also to let things pan out. You might want to try out this creative ad format – this could be the difference-maker to the previous marketing steps you have been taking.

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