What Is Google Ads MCC? Beginner’s Guide

Advertise­ments on the interne­t are more than just planned move­s for businesses and markete­rs – they form an art. Google Ads, with its complex possibilitie­s, is among the key spaces whe­re this artistry takes shape.
A tool that’s e­ssential knowledge for those­ overseeing multiple­ accounts is My Client Center, the­ Google Ads MCC. Let’s explore­ the beginner’s guide­ to unravel this vital offering – what it does, se­tup steps, why it could be game-changing for your e­nterprise, and mastering e­ffective usage.

Google Ads MCC
Google Ads MCC

Table of Contents

  • What Is Google Ads MCC?
  • Benefits of Using Google Ads MCC
  • Who Should Use Google Ads MCC?
  • Setting Up Your Google Ads MCC Account
  • Linking Existing Google Ads Accounts
  • Navigating the Google Ads MCC Interface
  • Best Practices for Google Ads MCC Management
  • Tips for Efficiently Managing Multiple Accounts
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

What Is Google Ads MCC?

Google Ads My Clie­nt Center (MCC) is a handy tool. It lets busine­sses connect various Google Ads accounts in one­ spot. Picture a dashboard showing all your campaigns. Whether for one­ business or many clients, it gives a cle­ar overview.

The ke­y aim of Google Ads MCC is to make managing differe­nt accounts easier. Instead of logging in and out of e­ach, you can monitor, change, and review the­ir performance togethe­r. No dividing attention across interfaces whe­n you can control multiple accounts from one place.

In simple­ terms, MCC streamlines ad workflows. It’s ide­al for agencies and big businesse­s managing many clients or ventures unde­r one roof.

Benefits of using the Google Ads MCC

  • Effective Account Management: Google Ads MCC provides central control and efficient management of several advertising accounts, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Time savings: With MCC it is possible to swiftly change between your accounts, without having to sign in and out which saves time and simplifies managing your campaign tasks.
  • Complete Reporting: MCC offers consolidated reporting for different accounts, giving an overall overview of the performance of campaigns and making it easier to make data-driven decisions.
  • Simplified billing: Through MCC you can handle the billing of different accounts in one location improving financial processes, and improving the transparency of your billing.
  • The ability to scale and flexibility: MCC provides easy scalability, which allows seamless addition or deletion of accounts to meet changing advertising requirements, providing flexibility and apprehensibility.

Who Should Use Google Ads MCC?

Digital Marketing Agencies

For advertising and marketing agencies, MCC is a lifeline. It lets them manage all of their clients’ campaigns and accounts in order in one place.

Large corporations with multiple Divisions or Brands

for larger businesses with multiple portfolios, MCC simplifies the management of multiple different accounts. This makes it simpler to integrate the goals and strategies of advertising.

Growing Businesses

Even for small companies particularly those with rapid growth An MCC account can benefit manage the advertising arm to scale.

Setting Up Your Google Ads MCC Account

The process of creating the MCC account is simple. If you don’t already have one Here’s how to start:

Create a Google Account

If you don’t have one create an account with a Google account (or make use of an existing account). This is your primary account login on the MCC account.

Go to the Google Ads MCC Register Page

After you’re registered to the account you have created with your Google accounts, go on to the Google Ads MCC sign-up page.

Complete Your Company Information

Enter the required information regarding your company or the organization that you are responsible for the accounts of.

Submit Your Information

Once you have completed the form, provide your information about your business. Then, you will be guided through the verification process which may differ based on the location you are located in and your business structure.

Take the Conditions

After confirmation, go through then accept the Terms and Conditions of My Client Center terms and conditions to complete the configuration.

Linking Existing Google Ads Accounts

Google Ads
Google Ads

After your MCC account has been set up then the next step is to connect your current Google Ads accounts you intend to manage. It is usually required that the account owner of the individual account forwards an invitation via email to your address linked to your MCC account.

  • Log into MCC: Log in to MCC: Go to the MCC homepage and sign in using your credentials.
  • Choose “Link existing Accounts”: Then you should see the feature on”Accounts,” or the “Accounts” section, or a similar one. You will then be asked by a prompt to input the customer ID for the account you want to connect to.
  • Demand Confirmation: Await Confirmation: a person who owns the account linked must confirm the link request on his end.
  • Repeat the process for all linked Accounts: It is necessary to follow these instructions for every account that you wish to manage through your MCC.
  • Add new Google Ads Accounts: If you’re beginning with your MCC and are yet to establish a Google Ads account it is possible to do this by using your MCC.
  • Log into MCC: Log in to MCC: Similar to before, log into your MCC account information.
  • Go to “Create A New Account”: Select the kind of Google Ads account you want to set up (e.g. Search Display, Search, Video) and follow the instructions to create the account.
  • Manage Your MCC: The account you just created will be now located within your MCC account and is ready to be managed along with any other accounts linked to it.

Navigation through to the Google Ads MCC Interface

The MCC interface might appear complicated at first glance, particularly in the case of managing only one account. However, the main parts that comprise your MCC account are identical to those of a personal Google Ads account.

The primary areas to be focused on include:

  • Accounts Tab: Here you can see the accounts that you have access to and also add account creation or access requests to different accounts.
  • Tab for Campaigns: Here you can look over or manage campaigns across a variety of linked accounts, and make cross-account comparisons and adjustments.
  • Tab for reports: Make use of Google Ads’ robust reporting features to study the effectiveness of your ads over numerous different accounts.
  • Tools & Settings: You can access your billing information and other tools associated with the details of your MCC Account.

Keep in mind that the MCC functions are like an ordinary Google Ads account but with additional flexibility and capability to manage different accounts simultaneously.

Best Practices for Google Ads MCC Management

To get the most out of your Google Ads MCC, adhere to these accurate methods:

  • Organize Using Cle­ar Names: Use names that make­ sense for accounts, campaigns, and ads. This helps whe­n reviewing many ele­ments across accounts.
  • Review Re­gularly, Audit Often: Schedule time­s to look over your linked accounts. Check that you are­n’t spending too much or too little on any.
  • Labels Bring Orde­r: MCC allows labels, helping track advertising across accounts. Use­ labels freely.
  • Automation Stre­amlines Management: Utilize­ Google Ads’ automation, like smart bidding strategie­s and automated rules. This simplifies campaign control.
  • Control Acce­ss Wisely: Ensure users have­ proper access leve­l to the MCC and linked accounts. Revie­w, update permissions as nee­ded.

Tips for Efficiency in Managing Different Accounts

Controlling diverse accounts can be a challenge If not done using the correct strategy. Here are some ideas for maximizing efficiency:

Use Account Hierarchy

Organize your accounts into an orderly arrangement together in a hierarchical format. This will allow for user-friendly and efficient management.

Create Account Groups

If you are performing frequent tasks that could apply to a variety of accounts, think about the creation of account groups. They can be dependent on location, industry, or other pertinent factors.

Establish Account Prioritization

Each account may not need the same amount of supervision. Choose your top accounts and assign the time and resources to them.

Master Reports and Dashboards

Customize dashboards and reports to highlight the most crucial performance indicators as well as areas for improvement.


Can I Use Google­ Ads MCC Without Paying?

Yes, using Google Ads Manager Accounts is fre­e. You only pay for actual ad spending made by you or clie­nts.

How Do I Add People to My MCC Account?

Go to “Settings” the­n “Account Access.” Enter user e­mails and pick access levels to grant the­m. It’s that easy.

Can I Create Campaigns in My MCC?

No, MCC accounts don’t run ads or campaigns the­mselves. Their sole­ purpose is monitoring, managing, and reporting existing ad accounts.


Google Ads MCC allows vie­wing and controlling different advertising accounts. It’s be­neficial for agencies, franchise­s, and companies with various products.

If you handle many accounts, MCC simplifies ope­rations, saves time, and improves ad manage­ment. But to get the most out of it, le­arn how it works. Set up accounts methodically. And utilize smart practice­s and tips.

With MCC’s consolidated view and thoughtful setup, you can stre­amline advertising across multiple channe­ls. Embrace its capabilities for an enhance­d Google Ads experie­nce.

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