How Much Does a Billboard Cost

Is there one type of advertising whose effects cannot be weakened by the hectic traffic of large cities or by the tranquility of a countryside road trip? Yes, billboards do. The same question stands: Where many small business owners and marketing pros want to make use of billboard advertising, they always ask – tell us how much a billboard will cost. Don’t worry, because you will find the correct answer in the next paragraph.

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How Much Does A Billboard Cost

Table of Contents

  • Understanding the Factors that Impact Billboard Costs
  • Average Billboard Costs by Location
  • Additional Costs Associated with Billboard Advertising
  • Pros and Cons of Billboard Advertising
  • Traditional (Physical) Billboards vs. Digital Billboards
  • How to Choose the Right Billboard Location
  • FAQs
  • Final Thoughts

Understanding the Factors that Impact Billboard Costs

Billboard ads are price varied and range from 2000$ to 70.000$ per month. Billboard determining prices isn’t only dependent on location and physical parameters.

Size and Location

These are the rules you often see in a billboard advertisement the size of the billboard and its visibility are directly proportional to its advertising load and, consequently, to its rates. In the case of the location, the factor that significantly determines the cost of a billboard is all the traffic, besides, there are other costs such as the footfall. A billboard located in Times Square is going to cost you a fortune but a billboard on a country lane will cost you a fraction of it.

Duration of Display

As with the rent, for a longer period, the less needs to pay. Most billboards are of the same variety and are rented on a 4-week cycle, meaning they are billed and pay their rent at the end of the month. On the other hand, the long-term ones may have some contractual discounts.

Design and Printing

A one-time solution that could cost you anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars is your billboard’s artwork, depending on how complex and true to detail it is built. The best billboards have clear messages that are understood in seconds.

Local Regulations

The location might also have some restrictions for advertisements of exceptionally large dimensions, light intensity, and content, which might require additional costs or make it not allowable.

Seasonal Demand

Besides, similar to all kinds of commodities, billboards also encounter highs and lows. Exactly year during the summer travel peak looking for a billboard on the main road will be relatively costlier than that in the slack of the tourist season.

Average Billboard Costs by Location

Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural

Where the billboard is located is a crucial aspect of your budget. On major roads, more comprehensive traffic flow generates a greater market potential and higher rents of course. On the contrary, rural billboards offer a more economical approach but involve a smaller number of cars that can justify the investment. 

High Traffic Routes

Billboards located on highways are much more expensive due to the high population density around them which leads to increased prominence of elements. In rural areas, on the other hand, an off-ramp billboard might cost you only $500 in monthly rate as opposed to $4000 for I-95, which is heavily frequented.

Proximity to Landmarks

The price is directly correlated with the proximity to some location of interest. Billboards in strategic locations, where people gather, e.g. football stadium on game day or a shopping area during winter holidays can lead to skyrocketing prices. 

Additional Costs Associated with Billboard Advertising

Lighting and Technology

Digital advertisements, built with state-of-the-art technology, offer unique benefits but also cause the budget to soar at the start notwithstanding whether you find yourself on the road to success. Despite the progress, LED lighting may give you a headache as this shift would lead to higher electricity bills and would also require additional permit-granting processes.

Artwork and Creative Services

Designing a successful and attractive billboard frequently requires specialized services such as graphic designers and ad agencies. Moreover, you do not have any way out but to attach these items to your financial plan, since the absence of any of these might blind your best laid out plans.

Maintenance and Insurance

For physical billboards, regular maintenance should be carried out to ensure safety and visibility. Additionally, in terms of insurance, you need to include expenses to secure any possible damages, and these charges differ from place to place.

Installation and Dismantling

Physically setting up for an ad above the street and taking it down at a later date also fees are charged, but mostly because transportation requires them. The use of specialized lifting equipment and experienced professionals is the key to successful operations, yet they don’t come for free.

Pros and Cons of Billboard Advertising


Massive Reach

Few advertising platforms can rival the reach of a well-located billboard. Many potential customers can see your advertisement every day right in front of them.

Brand Awareness

Advertising that is always on display will improve the recognition of your brand. People who view your billboard during their daily commute could become more inclined to think of them when they need the product or service you provide.

Complementary to Other Media

Billboards are a fantastic option to add to your marketing plan. They can be used as elements in a bigger branding effort or as a complement to other media such as the radio and social media.


High Initial Investment

The cost of creating the billboard and then printing it and not forgetting the cost of renting it, could be a major initial investment for a small-scale business.

Limited Targeting

In contrast to billboards, digitally marketed advertisements have limitations in terms of audience targeting. They will be able to reach a broad population in a certain area that could not be the best investment of your marketing budget.

Message Longevity

When your billboard is in place it’s not easy to alter the message or style. This means that you’ll need to make sure that the material of your advertisement is relevant for all the time of the lease.

Measuring Effectiveness

The direct impact of a billboard could be challenging. It’s not easy to trace leads to one billboard in the same way as you would do with digital marketing.

Traditional (Physical) Billboards vs. Digital Billboards

There is constant competition between the tried and tested means of the old-style advertising structures and the fast-evolving digital ad displays.

Physical Billboards

The famous symbol of data warriors, these structures that come with advertisement placement devices, are competent enough to communicate the messages they want to get across. The cost of them is not as high as it is with technology options.

Digital Billboards

Since these displays can change the ads every couple of seconds, they are unspeakably flexible and capable of captivating the onlookers with dynamic content. The downside of these digital signs is that they can be more expensive to rent, but many people still decide to pay the rent for the extra impact they can have.

How to Choose the Right Billboard Location

To ensure that your campaign will succeed, selecting the most appropriate location for your billboard is vital. Here are some guidelines for selecting the ideal spot:

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience’s preferences and the places they are spending their time is crucial. Commuters look for billboards along major highways or bustling urban streets. If your target audience tends to be more rural, billboards in communities or shopping centers may be desirable.

Test the Visibility

Before you commit to a specific location, check out the site during various lighting and weather situations to ensure the billboard you choose to display is going to be clear and visible throughout the day.

Consider the Competition

Examine the activities of other businesses in the vicinity. In the event of enough clutter, your message may be lost. A clear and well-placed billboard can benefit to make a mark.

Match the Format to the Location

The size and position of a billboard ought to be in harmony with the natural views of the area. A narrower, taller billboard might be appropriate for a freeway that is situated over an expansive landscape better than an even larger horizontal billboard.


What are the minimum and maximum costs for billboard advertising?

The frequency is high as there are some rural billboards for just a few hundred dollars per month, while some premier area billboards can cost tens of thousands. There is no set range of maximum price as premium ad spaces top on the sky.

In what ways can I lower my billboard advertising costs?

Less popular locations, easier designs that require minimal printing, and fixing longer rental periods, could help to lower your billboard advertising costs.

How long should my billboard be up for?

The time that your campaign stays on the billboards will be dependent on your objectives. The strategy of the more visible, the merrier. Your ad must be an engaging, recurring display, so plan to go for several months at the lowest level even on extra-large billboard ad spaces.

How often should I change my billboard ad?

Remember that changing your ad too much would just create some disorder and misunderstanding for the consumers. Keep your message fresh by either changing your ad every 3 months or even twice a year.

How do I calculate the ROI of a billboard?

For ROI calculations, first, predict how many times your ad will be visible. Second, estimate your conversion rate. Analyze the estimated revenue by subtracting the total cost of the billboard campaign.

Can I change my billboard ad during the rental period?

In a traditional scenario, a billboard ad cannot be altered until the end of the rental period. Nevertheless, digital billboards can rotate through different ads which allows you to change the creative as many times as you can every day or week.

Are there any additional costs I should consider when I rent a billboard?

Don’t forget to include design and production expenses, the costs of installation, and servicing, as well as any other essential services you may need.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, billboard advertising is not about the cost but it’s all about the sufficient investment in an effective marketing tool, that matches their strategic plan and financial allocation fully well.

For some people, it is an entry-level method to many; for the rest, it is just an old relic. Now and then, it could be the enormous print by the side of the road or the huge screen flying through Times Square that has your ad up; make sure to use these big shots to take the shot. The very start of your action in this direction is the meticulous inspection of the cost.

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