How to Block Ads on Twitch

Gamers! Join us to join us in the search for uninterrupted gaming on Twitch the world’s most popular platform where gaming isn’t just a hobby, but also an entire community. To some people, an influx of advertisements snatching up your view may feel like a rogue swarming through the sanctity of your home but worry not this blog is armed with the expertise to keep the ad-blockers.


Understanding Twitch Ads

Ads on Twitch aren’t just a broadcaster’s occasional inconvenience; they’re an intentional part of the platform’s revenue stream and often, crucial to a streamer’s livelihood. Customarily, there are three types of ads a viewer encounters:

  • Pre-roll Ads: Before a stream loads, these are the commercials that play, akin to a cinema “coming soon” segment.
  • Mid-roll Ads: Inserted during a live broadcast, mid-roll ads are dropped into a streamer’s content, usually at predetermined break times.
  • Display Ads: These are the on-screen banners and pop-ups that appear during a stream and vary from one to the other.

Understanding the structure of these ads will help us ensure that while we block for our viewing pleasure, we still keep in mind the larger picture of the Twitch ecosystem.

Why should you block ads on Twitch?

There are many reasons why one may want to avoid adverts on Twitch, however, the top three include the:

  • Unnecessary disruptions: Commercials can interrupt a broadcast’s continuity, particularly at important junctures or moments of high-level gaming activity.
  • Wastage of data and bandwidth: For people with limited browsing bundles, the amount of information consumption that comes with commercial advertisements is not to be taken lightly.
  • Viewer satisfaction: Many individuals simply love watching their favorite shows without any interruptions whatsoever. 

Using Ad-blocker Browsers

List of Browsers Having Ad-Blockers

The most well-known ad-blocking browsers can be found here:

  • Brave: Web browser with privacy features based on Chromium source code. It mostly blocks trackers and ads.
  • Opera: Opera comes with an integrated ad blocker and VPN and is believed as one of the best browsers to block ads.
  • Epic Privacy Browser: It is a browser for privacy and security that integrates the benefits of a VPN and an ad blocker, providing total security.

How Ad-Blocker Browsers are Used

  • Install any ad-blocking browser.
  • Open it and access Twitch.
  • Start viewing your favorite content without being interrupted by advertisements.

Benefits and drawbacks of advertising blockers

Advert blockers merge ad blocking with general browsing. However, note that those browsers might lack the features that are found on popular ones such as Chrome or Firefox. Also, If adblocker browsers are detected, some platforms could deny blocking or restricting access to their content.

Using Ad-blocker Extensions

Best Ad-Blocker Extensions

  • uBlock Origin: An open-source, cross-platform browser extension that thoroughly filters both ads and malware sites. 
  • AdBlock Plus: An extension that allows for acceptable ads and provides a customizable filter list with additional tracking protection.
  • AdGuard: Known for its user-friendly interface and advanced settings for filtering out ads.

How to Install and Use Ad-Blocker Extensions on Twitch

  • Visit the extension store of your web browser.
  • Search for your preferred ad-blocker extension and install it.
  • Once installed, you may need to configure the extension to ensure it’s activated for Twitch.
  • Open Twitch, and you should notice a considerable reduction in ad content.

The Effectiveness and Compatibility of Ad-Blocker Extensions

While ad-blocker extensions can work well to stop advertisements on Twitch, not all ads may be blocked using this method. Ad blocking definitions are frequently being updated by developers so you must keep your ad blocker extension current for optimal effectiveness.

Using Ad-block Proxies

Ad-block proxies operate differently than traditional ad-blockers. When together an ad block proxy, your web traffic is sent through a server that filters advertisement material before it gets to your browser. In this way, it’s blocked across the network.

The Benefits of Ad-Block Proxies

  • Network-wide Ad-Blocking: All devices that are connected to the internet via proxy servers will benefit from blocking ads. That is, it’s not only the device that has the ad blocker installed.
  • Improved Data Usage Better Data Usage: Data usage is saved, especially in the case of using mobile devices. with mobile devices because advertisements are not loaded. material isn’t loaded.

Setting Up and Using Ad-Block Proxies

Many methods are available to set up ad-blocking proxies In addition it is possible to create ad-blocking proxies using VPN providers that have advertising-blocking options. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign up for a VPN service that provides ad-blocking features.
  • Set up your VPN client to your gadget.
  • Utilize your client’s connection to connect with a web server that provides ad-blocking.
  • Open your web browser, visit Twitch and you will watch ad-free content.

Considerations for Using Ad-Block Proxies

It is important to note that proxies that offer ad-blocking capabilities could require a few dollars before use; therefore you should think about this before making any choice basing your decision on the benefits associated with it.

Using VPNs

VPNs can be used to block ads by routing your web flow through servers capable of filtering out ad material before it is delivered to you. This not only enhances security but privacy as well.

Benefits of Using a VPN for Ad Blocking

  • Increased Privacy: Ad companies can monitor your web activities if you let them. However, when connected to a VPN, your IP address is hidden and any online traffic is encrypted thus making it impossible for anyone except the intended recipient(s) to know the source of the information.
  • Ad-Blocking Services: The majority of virtual private networks now have this feature in their packages hence providing a one-stop shop experience in managing adverts while safeguarding personal space on the internet.

How to Enable Ad-Blocking with a VPN on Twitch

  • Subscribe to a VPN service that offers ad-blocking features or install an ad-blocking plugin if your VPN service supports that.
  • Choose a server and connect to it.
  • Open Twitch and enjoy ad-free content.

Effectiveness and limitations of VPN adblocking

Many VPNs are very effective at blocking ads, especially those with extensive lists of blocked domains. However, choose your VPN wisely as it can greatly slow down your internet speed. Remember that while using a VPN, you might also get location-specific advertising different from what you’re used to seeing.

Troubleshooting uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a popular ad-blocking extension for web browsers. Sometimes people might experience issues with ad-blocking e.g. ads getting through the filter or Twitch interface breaking down.

How to Update uBlock Origin’s Filters

  • Click on the uBlock Origin icon in your web browser.
  • Go to Dashboard.
  • Under the Filter Lists tab, click on Update now.

Advanced uBlock Settings for Twitch

If updating filters didn’t work out for you, try more advanced settings:

  • Click on the uBlock Origin icon and select Open the Dashboard.
  • Move to the My Filters tab.
  • Add custom rules to stop showing advertisements by still showing some URLs that are not blocked yet.

Dealing with Site-Specific Issues

There are times when changes in the functionalities of Twitch may cause ad-blockers to malfunction on specific sites. Here’s what you can do;

  • Turn off uBlock Origin temporarily then check if the problem still exists.
  • Check what requests are being made by the uBlock Origin logger when it happens and create a manual filter that blocks whatever is troubling you.

Using Alternative Platforms

If Twitch ad-blocking gets too hard, especially if it starts to mess with your content viewing experience, you may want to think about checking out other platforms that have another ad model or no ads at all.

Alternative Video-on-Demand Platforms List

  • YouTube Gaming: A YouTube sub-company focused on video game content with not so much interruptive ads as well.
  • Mixer: However known for its live streaming mainly, but had its glory days before being united with Facebook Gaming.
  • DLive: A decentralized live streaming platform where fewer traditional ad elements are visible and viewers can support creators directly through donations.

Shifting To Alternative Platforms

If you decide to change over to another platform altogether, then let your favorite creators and communities know about the same along with the reason for doing so. This is important because they may be relying on those ads for income hence showing them more love such as subscribing or donating directly would go a long way in making up for the lost revenue.


Can Twitch Ban Me for Using Ad-Blockers?

In terms of Twitch’s terms and conditions of service, they don’t specifically restrict the use of ads-blockers but they could be detected and dissuaded through other methods. Be sure to apply ad-blockers with care and adhere to Twitch’s rules.

Are There Any Ad-Blockers That Work on the Twitch Mobile App?

The Twitch mobile application is not natively compatible with third-party ad blockers, however, some VPN providers provide mobile solutions for blocking ads on an individual network.

Will Blocking Ads on Twitch Impact Streamers’ Revenue?

Yes, in most cases. A lot of streamers earn money from their ad impressions therefore blocking the adverts may lower their ad revenue. Supporting the streamers through other ways could balance this effect though.

Is it Legal to Use Ad-Blockers on Twitch?

Using an ad-blocker while watching a stream on Twitch is not specifically against the rules as per their Terms of Service; nevertheless, one must know what these platforms allow with regards to blocking ads and also find out whether this practice is lawful within one’s locality.

Why are streamers themselves not able to turn off ads on their channels?

The ability to disable ads is generally only given to Twitch partners who must meet certain requirements and may have other contractual obligations related to advertising.

Do Ad-blockers Affect View Counts on Twitch?

Even though ad blockers stop ads from showing, they don’t usually impact view counts. This means that whether or not you use an ad blocker, your view will count as long as you are watching a stream.

How Can I Use Ad-blockers Responsibly?

When using ad-blockers responsibly, consider the platform, the creators, and the viewers. This entails being picky about what you block and finding other ways to support content that matters to you.


Players who want to make the most of their Twitch streaming may choose to block adverts. There are techniques for everyone from pre-installed browser adblockers to sophisticated network-level answers. Although viewers can gain from bypassing commercials, people receiving earnings might find themselves in dire straits. It is always advisable to support creators directly if possible. Regardless of whether you decide to block these advertisements or not, make sure that your main focus is on responsibly enjoying this material and contributing positively to our community of streamers.

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