How To Get a Google Ads Certification in 2024

All digital advertisers are now aware that they need to know what the internet is all about. They are educated on the matter of being acquainted with the main online advertising space. However, the assessment may deliver wrong-sounding results when the desire to be informed by obtaining Google Ads Certification. Google Ads Certification is what differentiates marketing professionals.
In this comprehensive manual for marketers on the internet, the entire process of getting a Google Ads certification by 2024 will be walked through.

How To Get a Google Ads Certification
How To Get a Google Ads Certification

Table of Contents

  • What is Google Ads Certification?
  • The Benefits of Google Ads Certification
  • How To Get a Google Ads Certification
  • How to Get Google Ads Certification Exam Materials
  • Tips for Taking the Google Ads Certification Exam
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

What is Google Ads Certification?

The Google Ads Certification without a doubt is a high-level certification in Google Ads that will give you a solid opportunity to use the maximum power of Google Ads. Upon taking and passing this certification test, it means that you, as an employee or partner, have the necessary deep knowledge of Google Ads and the needed competence for working with it in the context of your advertising campaign.

The Benefits of Google Ads Certification

As a door opener to digital marketers, Google Ads Certification will allow marketing professionals to make a mark in the world of the World Wide Web.


It is an industry-standard measure to ensure that through the use of Google ads, talented and skilled individuals are capable of achieving the necessary results. It should serve as evidence of your professionalism and technical expertise in the fierce job market, and it will allow you to leave a mark on every job that you carry out.


It could improve your company’s credibility or your credibility and may result in increasing the profit margin. For the company, it might be a notation of prestige, which in turn will help you obtain more clients, and for the individual, it may increase the employability ratio and may raise the wage.

Access to Specialized Insights

By participating in the certification process, one can receive front access to Google’s expert data and tools. The certificate (which industry-specific trends, best practices, and more can be acquired from it. It is beneficial for you and your clients as you can be at the front line of digital advertising development. It enables you to benefit from both you and your clients to be at the forefront of the changes in digital advertising.

Personal Growth

Personal growth achievement from the studies that have to be passed through the certification tests can be obtained if you maintain an open mind while undertaking the difficult task laid upon you. Discovering ways to market the basics or mastering new scenarios results in your becoming a better and more knowledgeable digital marketer.

Enhanced Job Opportunities

Highly paid jobs can consider Google Ads Certification as a doorway. Rarely do employers forget to put ‘Google Ads Certification’ on the list of prerequisites for job openings when it comes to this type of advertisement platform.

Increased Performance

By introducing a strategy to Google Ads, relevantly certified professionals can improve their campaign performance. Using more ads to refer potential customers to your site will increase the likelihood of earning their trust and increasing revenue.

How To Get a Google Ads Certification

Google Ads
Google Ads

Step 1: Acquaint Yourself with Google Ads

If you want to make use of the Google Ads Certification, you should have an in-depth understanding of this concept and the workings of Google Ads with it. Touch upon the Search Ads campaign type as a part of their Google Ads settings along with the other ones present. The more familiar you are with Google Ads and settings, the more comfortable you will appear for your certification test.

Step 2: Create An Account 

Google Partners, a Google Partners program, provides an opportunity through which one can create and maintain the status of being certified by Google. If you don’t yet have a Google account, take it upon yourself to join Google Partners. Register your profile and Google Partners users will have the privilege of using a wide range of tools including practice tests, and also with exam materials that are tailor-made for the Certification track you have joined them in.

Step 3: Choose Your Way Around Certification

To achieve the Certification, you have to go through various exams, and for that, you have to select your certification type. Available certification paths in 2024 include:

  • Search Ads Certification
  • Display Ads Certification
  • Video Ads Certification
  • Shopping Ads Certification
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification

Match the selected track with your employment prospects and your capabilities. You are free to choose, but we recommend you obtain the Google Ads Search Certification first, as it serves as a prerequisite for the rest of the paths.

Step 4: Study for the Certification Exams

Learn about each certification in Google using learning paths designed specifically for it. The resources include video and article content as well as interactive educational activities. It is important to pay close attention to the content and do an analysis of the problems not just looking at the “how” but the ‘why’ behind suggested methods.

Step 5: Take Practice Exams

On the other hand, Google Partners also provides practice tests that are promising and develop your practice. You can benchmark your skills against the exam construct with the practice tests. Try all the various exercises and find out where you feel the need to brush up on the subject.

Step 6: Schedule Your Certification Exam

If you are capable and have gained consistent grades during practice tests, you should be set to get the certification exam organized by yourself. Taking the exam via the Internet is possible, but the test location must meet the necessary environmental and technical requirements.

Step 7: Sit for the Exam

Before the exam, make sure you have a good internet connection that is stable and a well-lit, quiet area. Because of the urgency of certification exams, the management of time is important to the candidates. Hence, control your system well, show concentration, and exude confidence as you greet the exam with your fortified skills after your hard study.

Step 8: Maintain Your Certification

Maintaining your certification is seen as important as the act of getting it. One must renew Google certification every year through online exams. It is through the process of renewal that existing professionals ensure that they are up to date with any changes recently applied to Google’s platform.

How to Get Google Ads Certification Exam Materials

To pass the Google Ads Certification exam, one has to prepare the learning materials, and then read and understand the exam material. Here’s what you need to do:

Google Skillshop

Google Skillshop is the most crucial source of Google Ads Certification exam materials. You can study different classes offered by the program, each being focused on the exam content itself and the practice exam. The platform provides practical information, which is outstanding. Also, Skillshop does not just provide you with the syllabus to learn and follow, it also gives you the facility to take personal practice and exam-taking material in the form of online resources and quizzes.

Official Google Documentation

Together with the Skillshop, Google offers in-depth documents that are deeply tied to Google Ads. Start with the official support documentation which covers all the guides and instructions behind the scenes. Ensure you are familiar with the official information and support material provided by the exam developers.

Community and Study Groups

Communities uniting can be instrumental in cert exam learning. If you tested your knowledge in a community, you likely did well. Join the official Google Ads forums and possibly create your study groups. Not only should you be discussing the subjects and various technical points with your classmates, but you may think up different ideas of how to think about something.

External Study Guides

For your study, you should use primary learning tools like official Google sources. However, going through more resources from others would broaden your understanding and make you implement various applications to your knowledge. Browse guides from reputable online-based firms as well as ensure that the data found on the web is by the most recent Google Documentation.

Exam Blueprints

The exam blueprints that are made available by Google to the public consist of detailed information on the subjects found in every certification exam. These documents are accessible on the individual certification sites Skillshop. Blueprints provide a very specific overview of the subject areas that a student needs to be familiar with as a study tool.

Tips for Taking the Google Ads Certification Exam

Google Ads Specialist
Google Ads Specialist

Google Ads Certification Exams come with numerous types of questions which are sometimes designed to challenge the concepts that were previously explained. These guidelines will assist you in having success in your exam:

Pace Yourself

The time for each exam might seem ample, but you may end up spending more than the expected time on a question during some tests. Therefore, it is essential to watch your time carefully throughout the exam. Don’t waste time on one question. You just leave it and come back later when you finish the exam.

History of Exams

Recognizing the background of the exam questions- what they look like during practice tests, as well as the topics you find hardest, can immensely help your learning. If you keep making mistakes in certain subjects, make sure you study and comprehend them.

Official Google Study Material

While it is quite difficult not to take advantage of multiple study instruments, the appropriate way to prepare for the test is to make use of the official Google Study material. The Skillshop course is highly accurate because the questions on the real tests come directly from its sources.

Take Notes

Everybody nurtures and amuses himself in his way. If you feel jotting down the facts helps you imprint them in your mind, then make notes about the issues while you follow them. This will enhance your brain’s capacity and give you study materials for the exam.

Breaks and Distractions

Turn off the ticket notification on a cellphone find a position with blackout curtains and close the door. If your break is allowed, make sure that you use it to rest and to recreate your concentration.

Technical Considerations

Test the speed of your internet to ensure it is up to the technical requirements set for the examination. Besides, ensure that your computer is compatible with the test requirements. Also, make an effort to familiarize yourself with the examination platform and run it just before the exam to avoid technical issues in the exam.

Mimic Exam Conditions

One tip that I would give to students is to mimic real test-like surroundings as much as the capability. Concentrate 100% on your timing by clearing all distractions and completing the test in one sitting. This will prepare you for the pattern and timeframe of the final exam.

Be Mindful of Wording

Check out for typos in the questions and answers. Advertising professionals’ tests tend to be petty hard, as they have several correctly looking answers. Implement your expertise to give the true meaning of the test making out the best alternative.


How Long Does It Take to Get Google Ads Certified?

To be certified successfully takes different times since it depends on one’s commitment and cognizance. Different people can concentrate well and take their exams within one week or even less, while others are going to go beyond one week for preparation before they are confident and get their certifications.

Do I Need to Renew My Ads Certification?

Google is required to renew certification holders at regular intervals. The purpose of this is to ensure that certified professionals are also aware of the latest Google Ads updates.

What is the cost to sit for the Google Ads Certification examinations?

Find out the cost after looking through the Ad exam as the cost is variable for each exam. There are also some cases in which the registrants might be offered reductions one way or another.

Does it have prerequisites to take Google Ads Certification tests?

Successful completion of the test will not require any prerequisites such as the possession of qualifications or knowledge. What I always tell people is to have the necessary skillset obtained from the Skillshop courses in advance aiming at the exams they are preparing for.


Making time and making an effort to take the Gmail Ads Certification test will make life easier for you now and make it important to achieve the position you want to get in your online marketing job.

It is no secret that digital marketing is the most difficult of all worlds and taking the Google Ads Certification Test not only in the game, you’ve laid claim to being an expert in the field. If you follow each step carefully in this article you’ll have to take the steps instead of getting your certification. Of course, being knowledgeable is power however, its application and the verification of what you know by others is a stamp of your online marketing ability. Start by getting your Google Ads Certification and build up the future of marketing filled with your knowledge.

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