15 Best Mobile App Monetization Platforms in 2024

Markets for mobile apps are increasing as app developers and marketers look to maximize their profits by advertisements. When an app creator chooses the right platform, they can significantly impact revenue streams. 
This piece is written for those who design apps or promote them online; it lists some noteworthy mobile app monetization platforms that will exist come 2024. We’ll also discuss what makes each platform unique in terms of features, user experience, etc., and how much money can be made from them.

Mobile App Monetization Platforms
Mobile App Monetization Platforms

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Mobile App Monetization Platforms
  • Top 15 App Monetization Platforms with Exciting Rewards
  • How to Choose a Mobile App Monetization Platform?
  • Tips for Increasing Your Ad Revenue on Mobile Apps
  • Conclusion

Understanding Mobile App Monetization Platforms

To list the top platforms, it’s important to first understand what a mobile app monetization platform is. These platforms help generate revenue from in-app advertising primarily for developers and marketers.

Within the mobile app, they offer tools and services that are used to display ads, manage campaigns, track performance, and optimize ad revenue streams.

Top 15 App Monetization Platforms with Exciting Rewards

Google AdMob

Maximize Google AdMob-associated features and analytics. Loads of app developers prefer this platform because it provides extensive user insights and offers steady money-making solutions.

Google AdMob
Google AdMob

Main characteristics: 

  • Diverse ad types such as banners, interstitials, reward-based videos, and native ads.
  • Catering through advanced targeting options based on gender, age, interests, and behavior.
  • Real-time report generation system and analysis of impressions made, clicks received, and revenue earned.

Facebook Audience Network

App developers get impressive reach with Facebook Audience Network since it has over 1 billion daily active users. It makes use of Facebook’s huge user database to serve up ads that are highly targeted, which can help you make more money

Key Features: 

  • Native, banner, interstitial, and rewarded video ad formats are available.
  • Integration is seamless because it works directly with the ad platform on Facebook, which means managing campaigns is easier.
  • Targeting options are advanced and can be based on interests or user behavior.


InMobi provides developers with an advanced SDK and real-time bidding environment, offering an intuitive and diverse advertising experience. It is ideal for globally scaled app revenues.


  • Wide ad format range, native video interactive ads.
  • Advanced targeting options for user behavior geographical location.
  • A real-time bidding environment maximizes revenue potential.


SmartyAds stands out from others by being an omnichannel platform that offers developers an extensive set of tools meant to improve ad performance as well as user acquisition strategies. With its fraud detection and prevention features, it also guarantees safety in advertising spaces – for both users and developers.

Particulars include:

  • A variety of different types of ads can be created using this platform such as videos/native/interactive ones etc.
  • Also available are advanced targeting options like those based on demographics or interests shown by users themselves at any given time.
  • Furthermore real-time reporting together with analytics designed specifically for keeping track of records relating to how well something has been performing financially so far.


Fyber is different because it provides a platform that allows developers to maximize their income through their creative ad forms. That’s not all; its emphasis on honesty and consumer participation makes it special.

Some notable aspects of Fyber are:

  • Creative ad forms such as interactive video advertisements as well as playable ones.
  • Fyber offers a unified mediation platform that is instrumental in organizing and running campaigns efficiently.
  • Targeting options that are advanced enough to include user behavior and in-app events among others.


Concentrating on solutions tailored for mobile devices, Smaato offers a comprehensive platform featuring precision control for both advertisement inventory and audience segmentation. It boasts top-level ad-fill rates derived from partnerships with more than 450 demand-side platforms.

Major Characteristics of Smaato:

  • The ad formats available are video, native, and interstitial.
  • Targeting can be customized according to user interests, demographics, and behavior.
  • For detailed performance analysis, there is robust reporting and analytics.


Through its unique method of advertising mediation, Appodeal stacks different networks to fight for your advertising space, ensuring that developers get the most effective ECPMs. The platform’s simple-to-use interface also simplifies the process of monetizing.

Key Features:

  • The formats for advertising include native video and interstitial advertisements.
  • AI-powered advertising mediation for maximum revenue optimization.
  • Analytics in real-time and reports to monitor the performance.


MonetizeMore doesn’t stick to traditional methodologies to optimize ads. It rather uses AI to enhance ad performance and make sure that your inventory gets top demand. In addition, they provide custom solutions for app developers who want to increase their apps’ revenue.

The main features of this service include:

  • Video, native, or interstitial ad formats.
  • Artificial Intelligence supported ad optimization with an aim at maximizing eCPM.
  • Personalized assistance by experts at MonetizeMore.


It’s not just a game development platform- Unity goes beyond that. It also provides an excellent opportunity for game app monetization. Developers can use Unity Ads to include video ads in their apps easily and earn a lot of money from them while engaging players at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrating an ad format unique to its kind with gameplay.
  • Player behavior and demographic-based advanced targeting options.


AppLovin is the ultimate destination for app growth and monetization analytics tools and automation capabilities made to enhance your ad revenue. Developers get in-depth reporting which they can use for user acquisition strategy optimization

Main Contents:

  • Various ad formats include but are not limited to native, video interstitial ads, etc.
  • Ad advanced targeting which is behavior and demographic-based.
  • In-house mediation that ensures maximum eCPM. 


AdColony, leading in high-quality mobile video advertising, offers visually appealing content that enhances app performance without any compromise. Therefore, it is perfect for applications whose target market is image-conscious people.

Main features include:

  • Seamless integration of high-res video ads into apps.
  • Advanced user behavior & interest targeting options.

Epom Apps

Epom Apps concentrates on advertising strategies that work across platforms. It helps developers to increase their ad profits from different types of mobile gadgets. The advanced analytics give a clue on who to target for more revenue.

Key Features:

  • The formats for advertising include native video and interstitial advertisements.
  • Optimizing cross-platform ads to maximize revenue potential.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting that measure the performance.


IronSource has become known for its developer-centric strategy. The growth platform offered to app developers comes with solutions for monetization, engagement, and analytics. The mediation tool ensures that developers get high eCPMs.

Key Features:

  • Ad formats include native, video, and interstitial ads.
  • A real-time bidding environment that maximizes revenue potential.
  • A User-friendly dashboard makes campaign management and optimization easy.


MobFox enables developers to take advantage of direct deals in a transparent marketplace. It also offers powerful tools for real-time bidding and programmatic buying. Furthermore, ads can be seamlessly integrated within the app owing to its user experience focus.

Below are some highlights:

  • Apart from native, video and interstitial ads are available as formats for advertising.
  • The advanced targeting options include those based on user behavior and demographics.
  • As far as performance tracking goes, one can look forward to real-time reporting coupled with analytics. 

AdGate Media

Not to be left out, AdGate Media offers monetization through reward-based advertising, a user-friendly method that can boost revenues while improving retention of users. The platform is robust and offers prompt payouts to developers.

Key Features:

  • Ad formats are a combination of wall-sized reward videos as well as offer walls.
  • Targeting options for Advanced based on user behavior and demographics.
  • Paying developers on time for their earnings.

How to Choose a Mobile App Monetization Platform?

When selecting a mobile app’s platform for monetization, take into account the following elements to help you make an informed choice:

  • Target Audience: Knowing the demographics of your customers and their habits will benefit in selecting the most appropriate method of monetization.
  • Modalities for Monetization: Examine the support offered by the platform for different models, including in-app ads or subscriptions. and in-app transactions.
  • User Experience: Select a platform that is seamless with your application to ensure an enjoyable and enjoyable user interface.
  • Analytics and reporting: Search for robust reporting and analytics tools that track the performance of your app and measure the revenue measurement.
  • Developer Support: Think about the level of support offered by the platform to the developers as well as publishers.

When you carefully consider these elements, you can choose a mobile app that is monetization-friendly and compatible with the goals of your app and its target audience.

Tips for Increasing Your Ad Revenue on Mobile Apps

Do you want to know how to get the most advertising money from your app while keeping users happy? Consider these strategies:

  • Optimize placements: Think about where it is best fit for them not to crash into something else that’s going on, also might be a good time during interruptions or changes in activity.
  • Mediation: Consider using mediation to make sure that all your space gets filled with ads while earning as much money per impression by accessing many networks at once.
  • Native integration: Ads may perform better if they seem like a natural part of the app content users are already interacting with.
  • Use personal data: Try using what you know about someone to show them something that could be interesting; this might mean more clicks because it’s relevant.
  • Watch closely: Keep an eye on how things are going – you’ll want to know what works best as well as when new ideas could be worth trying out.
  • Try different formats: Would anyone like these better if they got a reward for watching? Or maybe just looking at things fullscreen would do the trick?


Economic sustainability in mobile applications calls for app platform evaluation to be profitable consistently. You can optimize earning levels through a broad uptake of modern practices. Turnover sustains only if the end-user is catered for. Striking a balance in your tactics between money-making and customer satisfaction is imperative. Successful mobile applications strive to achieve both goals. 

One way of doing so would necessarily involve choosing an appropriate business model together with its underlying strategy. 

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