Top 10 Video Ad Networks for Publishers

The digital domain is a strategic and numerical publishing and content creator role in revenue generation in question.
What is clear with the digital content explosion is that your online publication’s overall video revenue derives significantly from video advert frequencies.
Choosing the right network for your digital ad placement is the billion-dollar question as this could either trample or multiply your advertising yields.
The top 10 video ad networks currently dictating industry trends are delved into in this all-embracing user guide. This review ranges from the long-serving bigwigs to the present-day specialized services thus enabling web publishers and online advertisers to make sound choices when thinking about their ad space investments.

Video Ad Networks
Video Ad Networks

What is a Video Ad Network?

Advertisers and publishers can connect to display videos via various websites and other digital properties.

Moreover, they track and target advanced technologies to ensure that ads are shown to the right audience. Thus, increasing the impact of advertising campaigns

Additionally, these companies allow access to enormous collections of video adverts for moneying publishers’ video materials with relevant advertisements from their stock.

Top 10 Video Ad Networks For Publishers

A variety of video ad networks are available, but finding the best that fits you is not easy. It will depend on; audience type, content genre, and your ad monetization goals.

Here are the 10 networks you can consider:

Google Ad Manager

Google is a dominant player here too. Leveraging machine learning to optimize placement and performance, managers are powerful. With access to an advertisers pool which includes the AdWords platform among others; they provide high fill rates as well as competitive CPMs to publishers.

  • Global reach with diverse formats for ads
  • Extensive analytics that offers deep campaign insight
  • Support for publisher queries and challenges is excellent


SpotX is popular because of its tech, which is designed for monetizing videos. This company can monetize video on TV through OTT as well as have platforms for it.  Besides just the ordinary internet commercials, SpotX supplies programmers with solutions that can enable them to sell or buy advertisements easily on both sides- the buyer side and the seller side.

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced technology for bidding headers to ensure the best yield management
  • A vast set of information points that can be used to focus on your audience
  • Ad serving and integration on all platforms


Teads’ exclusive advertisement technology commits publishers to a promise of higher viewability and engagement. In its out-stream video ad units, Teads is recognized for its non-intrusive placement within publisher’s editorial content.

Key Benefits:

  • The Video Doesn’t Need To Be Within A Player For Native Ad.
  • You can use out-stream video technology without having to use another player.
  • Tools that will help advertisers optimize ads created in our system.

Verizon Media

Verizon Media has taken on the video advertising world in a whole new way even as it was known as Oath. They’ve made a bid to bring together advanced programmatic ad serving and an individually personalized ad experience. Targeted ads are served with full respect to their user’s privacy by the company which has been sure that the whole thing works.

There are several advantages:

  • Ad inventory is of the highest quality and premium.
  • They have the best measures for protection against fraud and ensuring brand safety in the industry.
  • Access can be gained to varied audiences from AOL and Yahoo.


Unruly, a daughter company of Tremor International, is distinct with its unique method of video advertising, primarily focused on emotional intelligence.

A system in place provides the relevant video ads, enhancing the viewers’ emotional connection for an everlasting impression with its contextual nature. Ultimately, the aim is engagement driving that ensures unforgettable experiences.

The benefits include:

  • Audience-focused advertising based on emotions
  • Evaluating content so that it is suitable for adverts leading in the industry
  • Artificial Intelligence-driven prediction & targeting of customers through its platform


AdColony is very proud of delivering high-quality video advertising experiences for both publishers and advertisers. The company`s proprietary Instant-Play TM technology ensures smooth ad playback, providing good performance even under challenging network conditions.

Key Advantages:

  •  Strong presence in developing markets – global scale;
  •  Advanced ad targeting and audience segmentation capabilities;
  •  Innovative interactive ad formats lead to high user engagement rates.


BrightRoll, which belongs to the Yahoo family, provides a range of programmatic video advertisement services. With support from Yahoo’s excellent data and analytic capabilities, BrightRoll aims to offer targeted and personalized ads at scale.

Major Features:

  • Widespread coverage within and beyond the Yahoo network
  • Detailed report generation and analytics for tracking campaign performance advertising solutions toward holistic marketing strategies

Tremor Video

Video Marketing emphasizes video elements that present original and intriguing experiences to advertisers and publishers. Because of its commendable history of various video ad formats, the company is always at the forefront of innovative video ideas.

Some of its exceptional features are:

  • Using current CTV strategies to reach broader audiences;
  • Granting clients a serene environment, free from controversy as well as transparent reports about their products/services;
  • Creativity in creating advertisement models that allow more user engagement during campaigns.


YuMe, an organization owned by RhythmOne, is focused on generating visually appealing video advertisements. They have designed a platform meant to place immersive ad spaces on top-notch video content so that the targeted audience not only views the ads but also remembers them.

Main advantages:

  • Ad formats that have a high impact hence encourage more engagements
  • Precise ad delivery using an advanced audience targeting technology
  • Reaching consumers on any screen using cross-screen solutions


The ad network from Playwire, which is comprehensive in its video advertising, has a unique selling point. This is done through an array of targeting solutions, ad formats, as well as monetization tools. Publishers can reach out to not only dynamic but also overlooked sectors in the market. These include websites and games.

In-game or website videos are what it focuses on when delivering advertisements. Thus, the media has various benefits based on :

  • Niche audiences that are entertained or those who game are concentrated on here
  • Seamless user experience across platforms thanks to multi-platform adverts
  • Directly supporting robust yield optimization alongside other monetization methods

The Method of Choosing a Video Ad Network

  • Audience: A publisher needs to know the demographics and interests of their target audience and understand their online behavior hence able to get the best network that has that kind of advertisers.
  • Ad Formats: Different networks specialize in different types of ads so one should look for the one that will be best suited for them based on what they do. 
  • Revenue Models: There are many ways through which people make money out of these videos such as CPM or CPC among others. A person needs to consider whether the network pays high CPM but needs a lot of traffic or it pays per click.
  • Ad Quality:  It is good to ensure that they are non-intrusive and yet are of high quality so that they do not chase people away from the site as this can lead to low revenues. 
  • Technology and Support: One should also check on this since it can affect how much revenue a person gets and even user satisfaction may be affected if there is no proper backup from the advertising company. 
  • Payment Terms:  Some networks are flexible while others have strict terms on their payments. It is therefore important for one to check this before signing up with them to know if the arrangement will work well based on your accounting practice for instance as well as financial goals.


What can I achieve by partnering with a vídeo Ad Network?

Ad networks grant you access to brokers and ad targeting; with them, you can get more money at times within a larger pool of marketers to compete for space in your site’s video content. Networks are responsible for selling inventory management space usage issues so that all you have left is making good videos.

Do all Ad networks offer the same services?

They vary greatly. The level of customer service may differ with each network while some will have more advertisers than others available around different ad formats or range tech tools used as seen in the administration interface for campaign optimization purposes making them not equal.

How would I know if my choice was successful in the long run after Signing Up with an ad network?

The Fill Rate is one Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that publishers use to measure the success of their networks. If this metric goes up over time then there are high chances that eCPMS will follow suit leading towards a holistic growth pattern. Furthermore, user feedback can be invaluable when it comes to gauging what others apart from earnings think about video ads they engage with regularly.

What should happen when you find out that your current video ad partner isn‘t meeting expectations?

Consider switching, but first identify important criteria for an alternative and test all candidates before deciding upon the one that works best overall.


Choosing the video ad network isn’t a simple process. A well-informed decision involves understanding goals, being aware of markets, and thinking strategically. 

 It is important to keep in mind that no single network will be perfect for all publishers. The aim should be finding one that suits both the content as well as the audience before working towards maximizing this partnership’s potential. With some exploration and research, there is always a chance to discover new heights for one’s web-based company through a video ad network.

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