The Complete Guide to YouTube Ad Types

Anyone in the tornado of modern pioneering video content is the king. It is pivotal to become proficient in the manipulation of different types/campaigns of YouTube ads once one has decided to be a digital marketer who raises the chances of success not failure inside the successful campaign. In this post, We will do a comprehensive review of YouTube ad types, which is the best to promote for advertising purposes, and what are the potential benefits of these ad types.

YouTube Ad Types
YouTube Ad Types

The Benefits of Using YouTube Advertising

To get a grip on why YouTube advertising is a sought-after marketing medium, it is necessary to discover the particular types of advertisements offered on the platform. The characteristics of each of these ad types and the strengths of the ads are:

Vast Reach

Billions of people compose YouTube’s active member base, making it one of the largest viewers on the web. Also, you can broadcast your message to people on all continents or a specific region in a few clicks.

Targeting Options

YouTube’s advanced tools for advertising let you come up with presentable audiences. You can segment viewers using different filters such as age, gender, income, interests, and the device they are using simply by watching a few videos on YouTube.


The audience becomes a fan of the watching movie. Good quality ads on YouTube can make people interested and convey your message effectively which is hard to forget.

Measurable Results

Through YouTube Analytics tools, advertisers can review the data like the number of views, the number of clicks a video got, and how many have been converted to gauge performance, and the validity of the campaigns they ran.


The cost of your advertisement will not exceed a predefined one. The advertiser pays the publisher a certain amount of money for every video viewing.

Types of YouTube Ads in 2024

In 2024, YouTube has updated its ads portfolio to ensure that they can be measurable. Programs with the content delivery type as the primary site will do this. Here, we dissect the primary YouTube ad types:

TrueView In-Stream

TrueView In-Stream ads can display at the beginning or during a YouTube video. Most of the time viewers are given the freedom to skip it after five seconds though, and you are only charged when a viewer watches for at least 30 seconds, watches till the end, or interacts with the ad.


  • Offers the most extensive coverage of your message.
  • The ads like these are meant for larger audiences as well.
  • Also offers a possibility for direct response as spectators can follow a clickable link at any time before the ad ends.

Best for:

  • Brand awareness
  • Longer stories with fictional twists
  • Direct calls to action

Best Practices:

  • Get Attention Right Away: Viewers can skip the ad, and opt for lead-in visuals or promotions that grab attention.
  • Story Delivery: For a longer story, make sure that the critical information is placed in the first five seconds to avoid those who did not skip the ad being engaged.
  • Engagement: Whenever you make a presentation, give a shorter CTA as a clickable overlay or end screen element to those viewers who watch till the end.

TrueView Discovery Ads

YouTube’s TrueView ads can be seen on YouTube’s homepage, search page, or as related videos, which means that the ad units can be seen in the above three manners.


  • Following these types of videos ad placement can keep the videos right where they belong in front of the people who are ready to watch them.
  • By such virtue, You obtain traffic, user interaction, SEO, and social evidence. This can spike the competence, Get Views, and Increase the Rate of Likes on your video. At the same time, they can kick off organic sharing.
  • Besides, you will be able to generate more views and likes but they can also produce self-driven organic promotion.

Best for:

  • Top of your web page or YouTube channel for your traffic.
  • Get the first step to shining a new light in the sales funnel with early-stage activities.
  • Rather than take a break, illustrate the larger scale of your product or your service.

Best Practices:

  • Compelling Thumbnails: The viewer’s attention will be captured by your thumbnail. Your video will be noticed.
  • Concise Ad Copy: The body copy needs to be on point, plus it should have a call to action that focuses on the value they are going to get for themselves.
  • Link Descriptions: Ensure with product descriptions of these links are both informative and provocative enough that the visitors can’t wait to learn more.

Bumper Ads

Brief six-second ads that are unskippable and campaign-oriented usually service a larger marketing campaign with these.


  •  Bumper ads are short and catchy so they get the message across instantly.
  •  Strings of them used to form narratives can greatly enhance brand recognition.
  •  The tremendous reach that they allow is the reason these ads are so viable for a general brand message.

Best for:

  • Extending Reach and Frequency
  • Campaigns merged with a picturesque brand, a distinctive jingle, a famous tagline, or a product
  • Bringing support to other marketing initiatives

Best Practices:

  •  One-topic Motto: Cut to the chase and choose the one exciting function that will be clear to your viewer.
  •  Branding At First: By casting your brand image or product first, you immediately visualize the entire ad with a brand or product in the mind of the customer watching the short video.
  •  To be Contagious: Such as the ability to skip, and create content that encourages the viewer to want to watch the full six seconds.

Outstream Video Ads

Outstream video ads, one of the types of YouTube video advertising are neither preroll nor midroll ads, and this type of ad format only plays on partner sites and apps of YouTube.


  • Using their services, you can enlarge the area of the advertisers and make a name above and behind them.
  • This advertising format is a better option for smaller companies because the costs are lower.
  • Since the player initiates the video ad and can play it with or without voice, the completion rate often significantly increases.

Best for:

  • Brand awareness campaign on a mobile platform
  • Relevant targeting
  • Marketing is on the go because you have the advantage of the user with the gear you set

Best Practices:

  • Mobile-Centered Design: Update your videos collectively for mobile devices and desktops. Hold this video in portrait mode and let it flow to fit the screen’s width.
  • Integrated Engagement: To effectively tap their senses, the video and story must be fascinating to engage their senses quickly.
  • Specific and Clear Call to Action: Give your campaign call to action a higher priority and attract customers, such as swiping up for more information or referring them to your site.

YouTube Masthead

The YouTube Masthead is an advertising format that registers a high impact on brand awareness while being very flexible. The YouTube Home feed is the platform used by YouTube where it can be seen on a PC desktop, TV, and game console and is one of the most prominent & visible YouTube ad formats.


  • The Masthead can generate high visibility and reach.
  • When it is part of a larger campaign of advertising, it means these advertisements are also crafted in a way that they look premium.

Best for:

  • Major product launches and events
  • Brand takeovers
  • Prioritizing the exploitation of broader cultural trends and advertising events

Best Practices:

  • Engaging Video: Your video must not only be high-quality but also be attention-grabbing and very entertaining where the audience can get connected emotionally.
  • Comprehensive Engagement: Mastheads are not limited to just showing a video – it’s important to create a comprehensive experience through the use of carousels and companion banners.
  • Creative testing: With the prominence and cost of Masthead ads, extensive marketing with different audiences and content is crucial to maximize ROI.

Which YouTube Ad Type Is Right for You?

When you want to reach all your goals with the right marketing campaign using YouTube, choosing the right ad type is essential. Here, we match common objectives with the optimal YouTube ad format.

Brand Awareness

TrueView In-Stream ads are created for creating/channeling the broadest possible audience and offer high visibility of 50-90% of your video views, so it gives tremendous reach with the option to skip. in turn, you can get more engaged views on your videos.

Lead Generation

TrueView Discovery ads are for lead generation, and they are a great solution because they allow users to interact and explore beyond the advertising and click through to the page where you have the relevant information.

Product Launches

At the time of introduction of a new product, Outstream Video Ads can provide a platform that is based on the mobile web to the first-choice audience and push them into buying quickly using Olapic when the launch is a fact.

Direct Sales

If your goal is to maximize direct responses to your ads, Mastheads is the best choice to consider if the reach is of prime importance while TrueView In-Stream ads could be a better alternative for longer videos that can tell a more compelling sales story.

Targeting and Customization

One of the best YouTube advertising opportunities is the powerful and flexible advertising targeting and customization tools. Here are the tools you can take advantage of:

  • Demographics: In targeting potential customers narrow it down by age, gender, parental status as well as household income.
  • Interests: Employ a wide variety of audience interests to connect with viewers based on their passions and preferences.
  • Remarketing: Win back users who were previously interacting with your YouTube channel or videos.
  • Topics and Keywords: Advertise only on those videos that belong to particular categories or have keywords related to your brand.
  • Affinity Audiences: Find users who are more likely to make purchases, sign up, or shop from your website – depending on their online behavior, interests, and more.
  • Custom Affinity Audiences: Form a custom audience that matches your brand through their interests.
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