How Much Do Bing Ads Cost in 2024

In the present digital environment in which Google Ads has dominated the pay-per-click (PPC) space for several decades, Bing Ads has carved out an exclusive market as an effective and cost-effective alternative. In this article, we take a deep dive into Bing Ads costs, bidding, and strategies. Do not miss these strategies to boost your performance in advertising and cut costs!

How Much Do Bing Ads Cost
How Much Do Bing Ads Cost

How Much Do Bing Ads Cost in 2024?

The price of Bing Ads can be wildly different according to several factors. With Bing Ads, you will generally get more bang on your investment because the CPC is much lower than Google Ads. However, the average CPC is still subject to change based on the type of business and location, bidding strategy, and the quality of the ad.

Factors Influencing Bing Ads Cost

Many factors influence the cost of advertising various factors can affect the cost of advertising Bing. This includes:

  • Ad placement: The position of your advertisement on the results page of the search payoff page could affect the cost of your ad. Advertisements that appear at the top of the results of a search payoff typically come with a cost.
  • High-Quality Score: An improved quality score can result in lower prices since Bing gives preference to advertisements that appeal to the users.
  • Bid Amount: How much you’re prepared to spend per click can be an important aspect. More bids may benefit getting more auctions won but they do not always result in more efficiency or higher return on investment.
  • Keyword Relevance: How you are closely matched in your advertisement to the query may affect the price. Ads that align with the searcher’s intention and keywords are more likely to be successful and cost less.
  • Competition: the more advertisers wish to bid on the same keywords, the greater cost is likely to result from a rise in the demand.
  • Ad Placement: The higher your ad is positioned in the results of search results the more costly it will cost. The desirable placements typically cost the cost of a premium.
  • The time of the day as well as the device: The cost of ads will be affected by the timing of the day and the type of device that you’re targeting. For instance, mobile ads can be more expensive or less costly than desktop advertisements.

Cost Range of Bing Ads

The range of costs for Bing Ads ranges from $0.50 to $2 at the lower end and $50 and $100 for more competitive prices. It is important to keep in mind that this is an approximate cost range and that actual costs may be greater than these numbers depending on the variables mentioned earlier.

Bidding on Bing Ads

The types Of Bidding Strategies

  • Manual Bids: Manual Bids: This is where you determine how you will bid for every keyword.
  • Automated Bids: In this system, you can set a goal and the system will automatically adjust the bids you make to obtain it. This is time-saving, but it could mean less control over the location or when ads are displayed.

The Best Way to Plan the Auction

To optimize your bidding strategy, consider:

  • Making a competitive bid: Find similar keywords, as well as the average bids. Then, make your bid competitive.
  • Utilize Bid Modifiers: These methods benefit to adjust your bids according to the device, the time of day, as well as the size of your audience as well as giving you more control over the time your advertisement appears.
  • Advertisement Position: If you’re always showing in a lower place than you’d like to, boost your maximum bid.
  • Keyword performance: Review your bids regularly. evaluate and revise your bids for the most effective and least efficient keywords.
  • Geo-Targeting: Modify your bids by your location, as the conversion value could differ significantly between different areas.

Impacting Costs through Quality Score

The Quality Score could dramatically impact your campaign’s success and the cost you pay per click on Bing Ads.

Understanding Quality Score

  • Advertising Relevance: What is pertinent is your ad users’ search query? Be sure that your ad is keyword-rich and relevant to the query.
  • Expected click-through rate: This is a guess of the frequency at which your advertisement will be clicked basing it on previous results.
  • Relevance of the Website: The page the users are directed to should be relevant to both the search query and advertisement material.

Improved quality score to reduce costs

  • Keyword Research: Use tools to determine those excellent keywords to focus on.
  • Ad Copy: Creating engaging ads with specific keywords can increase your visibility.
  • Landing Pages: Design landing pages that live up to promises made by your advertising.
  • Advertisement Extensions: Utilize extension extensions for ads to help in providing more details and boost the experience of the user.

Budgeting and Cost Control

Having control over your Bing Ads cost is not only about bidding but also about how you set up and manage your campaigns.

Strategies to Effectively Control Cost:

  • Campaign Structure: Organize your campaigns and ad groups in a way that makes it easy to control spending and monitor performance.
  • Negative Keywords: Use negative keywords to prevent serving ads on irrelevant searches, which can save you money on wasted clicks.
  • Ad Scheduling: Determine the most effective times your ads are displayed based on performance data, and adjust your bids accordingly.
  • Day Parting: Adjust bids for optimal performance during certain days or times.

Maximizing the ROI of A/B testing

Conducting A/B Tests

  • Advertising Copy: Test various headlines, descriptions, or calls to action to determine which one is most popular and excellent with your readers.
  • Page Landing: Changes in your landing pages and observe how they impact the conversion rate.
  • Keyword Variations: Experiment by experimenting with various keyword types and bid sizes to discover what is driving you to get the desirable payoff.

Examining the payoff of A/B tests

  • Click-through rate (CTR): Measure which elements of your advertisements drive more CTR.
  • Percentage of conversion: Understand how changes impact the overall rate of conversion.
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Determine how various elements impact your CPC as well as the total cost of your advertising campaign.

Reducing Bing Ads Costs

Cutting costs without sacrificing results isn’t just about how much you spend.

Cost Reduction Strategies:

  • Optimizing Ad Performance: Improve ad quality and relevance to reduce costs.
  • Adjusting Bid Modifiers: Look at device, location, and time-of-day modifiers to find the most profitable times to run your ads.
  • Refining Targeting: Use demographic and audience data to refine your targeting and reduce wasteful spending on unqualified clicks.
  • Regularly Audit Your Campaign: Find out if your budget is being drained by irrelevant keywords, poor-performing ads, and other issues.
  • Leverage Free Tools: Microsoft Advertising offers several free tools to help manage and optimize your campaigns.

Advanced Techniques to Cut Bing Ads Costs

For the more experienced marketer, There are extra methods for you to tweak your Bing Ads ‘ performance and lower expenses.

Leveraging Audience Targeting

  • Listening Lists for Audiences: Utilize lists of targeting to concentrate on certain audience segments that have a higher likelihood of conversion.
  • Exclusions: Block certain groups from seeing your advertisements to limit the number of impressions that are wasted.

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads automatically show your ads to users searching for your offerings across the Bing Network. 

  • Keyword-less Targeting: Saves effort on manual keyword management and can lead to more relevant, cost-effective ads.
  • Ad Personalization: Creates customized ad headlines and description lines that are relevant to the customer’s search query.


What are some sneaky Methods to Reduce My cost for advertising on Bing?

One opportunity is to bid for your brand’s name. Because there’s more likely to be less competition, the price will be less. Also, make sure to frequently update your negative keywords list and warrant the correct keyword match types to avoid unnecessary ads.

What are the differences between Bing and Google Ads?

Bing Ads could cost less comparison with Google Ads, but the audiences are usually smaller. Google Ads has a wider audience, but it can be more expensive.

How can I figure out the exact cost before running my advertisement for Bing?

It’s not feasible to expect an exact cost estimation. But, together with Bing Ads’ forecasting tools, you can get an approximate figure that is based on historical data as well as the parameters of your campaign’s targeting.

What are the payment options for Bing Ads?

Bing Ads offers prepay, post-pay, and manual payment settings. You can set up automatic payments tied to your billing threshold or pay your bill within a specified period after the served ads.

Will my ads stop running if I exhaust my budget before the cycle resets?

Your ads may stop running if your budget is depleted. However, you can always set a shared budget for multiple campaigns to avoid hitting your limit too early.

How often should I review my Bing Ads budget?

It’s advisable to review your budget and campaign performance regularly, potentially daily, especially when your campaigns are new or during peak periods of spending.

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