How to Choose Facebook Ad Agency

Do you want to enlarge or extend all your Facebook advertising efforts?
The right choice of Facebook ad agency can result in running successful campaigns that will help accomplish the marketing objectives. However, with the many options available, how will you tell me that this is the perfect match for my business?
In this blog post, we shall go through the main things to look at when choosing a Facebook ad agency. From their knowledge and skills; track record and client feedback; we will give you insights to enable you to make informed decisions and squeeze maximum benefits from your adverts on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Agency
Facebook Ads Agency

Table of Contents

  • Why Hire a Facebook Advertising Agency
  • Top 10 Facebook Ad Agencies
  • How to Choose a Facebook Ad Agency
  • FQAs
  • Final Thoughts

Why Hire a Facebook Advertising Agency

The use of a Facebook advertising company could bring many benefits that will positively impact the growth of your business and marketing. Below are a few of the most important advantages:

Knowledgeable and Experienced

These companies specialize in creating successful ad campaigns on this platform; therefore, they possess the relevant skills and experience. They can make your ads more effective as well as increase their performance and ROI through their expertise.

Saves Time And Resources

If the task of outsourcing Facebook advertising control to an agency you’ll save time and resources that would be better used in learning how to handle it yourself or running the campaigns yourself. 

Advanced Targeting Options

The agencies know various targeting techniques provided by Facebook and hence can help reach out to particular groups based on different demographics such as age, and gender among others; interests like hobbies or sports activities people love engaging in most; behaviors including purchase history plus many more.

Ad Design

Most agencies have teams that can create ads for you that are attractive to your audience making your campaign more effective.


Your budget is put to good use by ensuring that the ad campaigns are always improved upon performance-wise through monitoring them continuously.

Reporting and Data Analysis

For one to know how their ads are faring, they need an in-depth report on such matters thus this would be done by the Facebook advertising companies which also provide analytics based on the same hence allowing for informed decision-making while at it.

Trends Update

Keeping track of what is current or changing within the Facebook advertisement space is something else these organizations do so well since it ensures relevance, as well as efficiency, still counts even here.

Scaling Opportunities

Working with an agency that specializes in this field will enable you to reach more people through ads thus making conversions easier.

Strategic Planning

They help come up with an all-round advertising plan that fits what you intend to achieve thus ensuring success on any of your promotions through Facebook.

Accountability and Results

If I partner with them as my Facebook advertising agents they will be answerable for every cent spent during the campaign period since they aim to deliver quality services that yield positive outcomes.

Top 10 Facebook Ad Agencies

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

Identifying the top Facebook advertising agencies can be a key step in ensuring that your company earns the highest possible return on investment while growing its business. Keep reading to learn more!

Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing is a full-service social media management company that provides premium quality Facebook ad management services. These include ad creatives, results analysis, reporting, retargeting campaigns, and landing pages.

Lyfe Marketing is also a certified Meta Partner and Google Ads Partner which offers social media marketing services among other things like pay-per-click management or email marketing service.


  • Comes with ad creatives, results analysis, reporting, and more
  • Certified Meta Partner and Google Ads Partner
  • Offers additional services like social media marketing and email marketing


  • Management fees start from $650 per month which may be higher than some other agencies
  • Additional fees will apply for Twitter or LinkedIn Ads


Affordable Facebook ad agency, BrandLume serves small businesses with low ad budgets by offering a range of services.

They have fully transparent pricing and are a Facebook Marketing Partner, also a certified partner for Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Bing, and Semrush with dedicated campaign managers provided for their clients’ needs such as Facebook ad management services; social media marketing among others which include SEO marketing.


  • Ad spend minimum as low as $200
  • Fully transparent pricing for all services
  • Facebook Marketing Partner and certified partner for multiple platforms


  • Management fees may be high as compared to the minimum ad spend; starting at $480
  • No free report or other perks to encourage consultation

Ernst Media

Ernst Media is a small Facebook ad firm trying to keep track of individual customer accounts. Its services include such as Facebook ads and paid searches among others.

Ernst Media possesses real-time report dashboards and skilled account managers. They also provide free pay-per-click (PPC) audits. The company has not disclosed its pricing on the site but boasts of having high customer satisfaction rates.


  • Certified as a Facebook Partner and Google Ads Partner
  • They are among a few boutique agencies that handle personal account management
  • Besides Facebook advertisements, they offer other different types of services too


  • Their prices can never be found on the website
  • It has far fewer features than comprehensive digital marketing solutions


The organization is also known as Bloom, and it concentrates on advertisements that are mostly seen on Facebook through mobile devices. Besides being a Google Partner, it is also declared as a Meta partner with certifications in platforms like Microsoft, and HubSpot among others. Bloom provides creatives meant for performance, different digital strategies as well as knowledge in mobile user experience and Meta.


  • Premier Google Partner and certified partner in multiple platforms
  • Performance-driven creatives and expertise in mobile experience and Meta
  • Offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions


  • Pricing and ad management fees are not published on the website
  • Limited reviews compared to other agencies


KlientBoost is a Facebook ad agency that focuses on ad creative inclusion. They offer a range of email marketing solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of clients. Depending on what you want they will provide you with copywriting, design work videos, and images for your campaign. To sum up, all the best things for Facebook marketers out there go KlientBosst!!


  • Creatives included in their services
  • Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Ads Partner
  • Offers a range of additional services beyond Facebook ads


  • Management fees are not published on their website
  • No social media management services outside of paid advertising

    Open Moves

    Open Moves is a Facebook advertising agency that differentiates itself with its team of experienced industry experts. Their offerings include real-time reports panels, dedicated account managers as well as a free pay-per-click (PPC) inspection.

    Open Move is a certified partner of Google, Meta, Bing, and Amazon. In addition, they bring services like paid social and lead generation through paid search and SEO.


    • Real-time reporting panels and dedicated account managers with experience
    • Being an accredited partner across multiple platforms including free PPC audits
    • Offers services beyond just Facebook advertising


    • They do not publish their management fees on the site
    • Their expertise might come at a higher cost than some other agencies


    For its knowledge about audience development, SmartSites stands as a Facebook advertisement firm. A Facebook Marketing Partner, Google Premier Partner, and Microsoft Advertising Select Partner are some of the titles they hold.

    SmartSites provides various Facebook ad services including Facebook ad management, paid ads on Google and other platforms, SEO, or search engine optimization among others although pricing is not revealed on their website which has earned them a strong reputation and high customer satisfaction.


    • Facebook Marketing Partner, Google Premier Partner, Microsoft Advertising Select Partner
    • Case study metrics demonstrating client return on ad spend (ROAS) are available with them
    • Besides Facebook ads alone, they offer a range of other services


    • Their website does not have transparent pricing listed
    • It is estimated that they may be more costly than some other agencies

    ROI Minds

    ROI Minds is a Facebook ad agency that serves e-commerce businesses and is within your budget. They provide services like ad management, Facebook campaign copywriting, audience targeting, and more. ROI Minds Facebook Partner. Besides, they also are a Google Ads Partner and Microsoft Ads Partner. In addition to SEO services, they offer E-commerce marketing or white-label marketing services.


    • Marketing and advertising for e-commerce businesses only
    • Get a free consultative report when you sign up for their service
    • Having been certified as a Facebook partner as well as an advertiser who uses Google ads


    • Their website does not state the fees for managing your Facebook ads
    • They might only be able to take on five new customers with online stores per month

    Conversion Perk

    Specializing in startups, the Conversion Perk is a Facebook marketing company. Their services include an inexpensive, scalable package and a free website consultation. Google, Amazon, and HubSpot are partner networks where Conversion Perk is certified. They manage social media as one of their services. Furthermore, they also design ad creatives for organic Facebook campaigns and more.


    • Free website audit with consultation
    • Affordable, scalable packages for startups
    • Certified Google, Amazon, and HubSpot partner


    • Transparent pricing information is not available on their site
    • The number of reviews is limited compared to other service providers

    Fiverr Pro

    Fiverr Pro is a forum for verified Facebook advert freelancers who are skilled and of good quality. To your requirements and preferences, it allows you to select services and ad managers handily.

    The minimum cost for advertising is very low at Fiverr Pro; also, the pricing and service terms are fully revealed. Although it is not an ordinary agency, Fiverr Pro presents an inexpensive solution for firms that want to deal with expert Facebook ad managers.


    • Ability to handpick services and ad manager
    • Very low ad spend minimum, depending on the freelancer
    • Fully transparent pricing and service offerings


    • No free consultation or trial period is offered by default
    • Limited solutions and assurance on the quality of work compared to agencies

    How to Choose a Facebook Ad Agency

    When deciding on a Facebook advertising firm, you must consider five crucial factors to be considered:

    • Experiential: Look for an agency that has the appropriate expertise in Facebook advertising. They must have a track record of executing successful Facebook advertising campaigns and producing outcomes for companies.
    • Experience: Consider the agency’s expertise in Facebook and Instagram marketing. A reputable agency must have a thorough understanding of the platforms and their advertising formats, targeting options, and desirable methods to optimize your advertisements.
    • dedication: Choose an agency that is committed to your success. They must be able to comprehend your goals for business, market segmentation, and trends to create effective ad strategies that match your goals.
    • Resource: Assess the agency’s training, education, and resources. They should have access to the most recent tools and technologies to optimize and manage your Facebook advertisements.
    • Partnership: Look for an agency ready to form partnerships with you. They must accept collaboration communications, and support throughout the year to ensure the successfulness of your campaigns.

    When you consider these aspects to make a sound decision and select the best Facebook advertising agency to benefit to complete your goals in marketing.


    How to hire a qualified Facebook ad agency?

    To hire a qualified Facebook ad agency, you should pay attention to three key signs. Seek for agencies, that have proven data-driven results on Facebook, implement several successful strategies, and have a team of professionals. It is critical to get experts with vast experience navigating Facebook’s broad restrictions.

    How much does a Facebook advertising agency cost?

    The cost of a Facebook advertising agency depends on the services offered and the packages included. A few companies may charge as low as $699 per month for managing Facebook ads while others base their pricing models on the scope of work and expertise required. It is recommended to contact different companies and ask for quotes so that you can understand better about specific costs involved.

    Is it Necessary to Hire a Facebook Ad Agency?

    Indeed, it is possible to gain the full benefits of running ad campaigns with a Facebook Ad Agency provided that there is a paucity of time, skills, or resources on your side to make them effective. Among other things, these organizations have skills and know-how that will ensure your ads are successful, boost their performance, and also save you time and resources. Nonetheless, it’s essential to look into the financial implications as well as potential demerits before settling for one.

    Final Thoughts

    The most important thing is to choose the right Facebook ad company. This decision will have a great impact on the success of your efforts to reach out and engage with your target audience since each agency should be vetted based on the aforementioned factors and consulted to understand their services better as well as the pricing. By doing this, you would have done a great boost of your business’ ad campaign’s efficiency hence driving more meaningful outcomes through picking a suitable firm.

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