Your Complete Guide to Instagram Carousel Ads

Among the vast canvas of visual storytelling, especially those the social networks provide to us Instagram Carousel Ads are known for their great functionality. If you want to raise the bar with your Instagram advertising programs, knowing and utilizing these fantastic Carousel Ads can be an excellent move on your part. On the other hand, how can we make the most out of this ad block? But don’t be afraid, we’ve got it all answered in this place!

Instagram Carousel Ad
Instagram Carousel Ad

Table of Contents

  • What is an Instagram Carousel Ad?
  • What are the benefits of Instagram Carousel Ads?
  • Instagram Carousel Ads Specs
  • How To Create Instagram Carousel Ads
  • 6 Ideas to Create Engaging Carousel Ads
  • Best Practices for Carousel Ad Success
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

What is an Instagram Carousel Ad?

An Instagram Carousel Ad is another term for an Instagram Carousel Ad which is an advertising format displayed on Instagram which has high dynamics and shows it in a scrollable way. It is possible to manage the ad by adding different visuals such as images, or videos, and is created as one card. It is not the next card that highlights the details of the story, but the last one completes the puzzle and the Printable Coupon will be seen. In terms of the brand, the advert would not seem to be in a magnificent company headquarters but at a real-life workplace where the staff works. The ad is designed in such a way that every detail can be pointed out at a glance. The Instagram carousel smears ads are the way you carry an ad in front of 8 billion eyes.

What are the benefits of Instagram Carousel Ads?

The following are the benefits that using Instagram Carousel Ads has in marketing on the social network:

  • Tell a complete brand story: By giving away your complete set of 10 cards, you will be capable of giving a great and fully structured picture of your brand or product.
  • Showcase different products or features: Whether you have a lot of product lines, or if it just happens that you have a leading product with different features, carousel ads will help you show the complete range of different items plausibly. 
  • Drive different actions: Each card can have its link, helping to drive traffic to different pages, and eliciting multiple calls to action.
  • Encourage engagement: Carousel ads are interactive by design, a feature that boosts their effectiveness and magnifies the relationships you have with your customers.
  • Provide measurement diversity: Carousel ads offer analytics on the card level, giving detailed data on which images or videos were clicked by the customer at each step of the ad process.

Instagram Carousel Ads Specs

Understanding all the technical specifications of your canvas is a must rather than diving directly into the creative process for Instagram’s Carousel Ads.

Image Guidelines

  • Recommended Image Size:  : 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Minimum Image Width: 600 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.91:1 to 4.5:1
  • Maximum Image File Size: 30MB
  • File Type: .jpg or .png

Video Guidelines

  • Recommended Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Minimum Resolution: 600×600 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.91:1 to 4.5:1
  • Maximum Video Length: 60 seconds
  • Maximum Video File Size: 4GB
  • Video Container: .mp4 or .mov

Carousel Ad Content

  • Minimum Cards: 2
  • Maximum Cards: 10
  • Text Limit: 2,200 characters (per card)
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Customizable for each card

How To Create Instagram Carousel Ads

Carousel ads on Instagram can be effortless if you create them properly. Here are the instructions that need to be followed to make them:

Step 1: Set Your Objective

Just like any other ad, put your sight on your goal before starting to make the ad. Do this process in the right direction, i.e. logical warnings, types of activities, recommendations, etc., vary from objective to objective.

Step 2: Choose The Carousel Format

What kind of ad would you like to make? You decide this by choosing Carousel from the settings page. You can select a different number of cards with different types of content (images, videos). Also, You can add some artwork across your entire set, like a few titles, links, and descriptions.

Step 3: Craft Your Content

Firstly, the thing to notice in your cards is that they are catchy and follow a storyline. Write a short and to-the-point copy of each card that matches the look of your visuals. Don’t forget to add a forceful call-to-action for each card.

Step 4: Set Your Targeting

By experimenting with Instagram’s demography, pinpoint the users who are likely the most excited to pick your flash offer of a product or service through this carousel ad. The platform provides diverse targeting opportunities.

Step 5: Choose Placement and Budget

Determine where to position your ad—Instagram feed, stories, or both. Set daily or lifetime budgets, and decide on your desired bidding strategy. Make sure that the ad has a use for every simple user.

Step 6: Review and Publish

Just before you let the ad loose, see if everything is what you think it should be. Click ‘Publish’ when you are content with the changes to release your Instagram Carousel Ad.

6 Ideas to Create Engaging Carousel Ads

Highlight Multiple Product Features

Suppose that your item consists of different state-of-the-art facilities. In this case, to exhibit each attribute of a carousel, implement a strong visual and deliver a clear persuasive message.

Tell a Story

Create a storyline across your carousel cards. For example, present the problem that your product solves, and then discuss the multifaceted utility of your product by using it correctly.

Step-by-Step Guides

For services and products that need to be put into context or require setup, build a carousel ad that leads the user step by step. Requisites for fitness, cookbooks, and do-it-yourself projects are valid for this category.

Before and After

The ads for companies engaged in fitness, skincare, and home renovation too can employ the method of Before and After. Use two cards to showcase the result that your product or service brings about.

Client Testimonials

Showing customer reviews can serve as a credible way to build trust. Mix photos of your clients with quotes or video testimonials in the carousel.

Seasonal Promotions

For holiday campaigns or other special events, use a carousel to introduce each set of items or different features or benefits in a festive style or a timely seasonal theme.

Best Practices for Carousel Ad Success

To ensure your carousel ad campaign is a success, follow these best practices:

Keep it Cohesive

While each card in the carousel can have a unique image and message, ensure that they all tie back to a central theme. The transition between the two should be perfectly smooth.

Test, Analyze, and Refine

Conduct A/B tests with different sequences of the carousel cards, the CTAs, and creative elements to see what performs best with your audience. However, mind that the transition between each card should look natural and be part of the ongoing story.

Optimize for Mobile

Oftentimes, the majority of Instagram users access the platform on a mobile device. To suppress any glitches in your presentation, make certain that your carousel will not look bad on smaller screens. Before launching, test your ad on different devices.

Use High-Quality Visuals

Your carousel ads should be visually compelling. Professionally crafted images and videos will capture attention and maintain the high standards of your brand.

Be Consistent

Your carousel ad should align with your overall brand voice and image. Be consistent with the aesthetics, messaging, and tone of your brand across all cards in the ad.


Can I create Instagram Carousel Ads without a business profile?

No. Without a business profile, there is no way to create Instagram Carousel Ads. If a personal profile has been your way to go, then switching is becoming highly essential for you.

What contents would you insert in a carousel ad?

About the advertising objectives of the carousel ad and the kind of story you want to come up with there are different contents that should be included in a carousel ad. One of the strongest recommendations is that you need to include very high-quality visuals and either clear or short equal amount of words to them. Alternatively, the copy should match the visuals or at least update the audience faster.

Can I Use the Same Carousel Ad On Facebook?

Yes, the ads are interchangeable on Instagram and Facebook. However, you will need to select the right audience targeting options during ad setup to make use of the ad on both Facebook and Instagram.

How does Instagram Carousel Ad pricing work?

The price of Carousel Ads is customer-oriented – you set the payment amount you consider to be fair. Ads in Carousel format are charged according to the number of offers in the bidding activity.

What is the maximum number of image/video slides I can use for a Carousel Ad?

The maximum number is ten for both image and video slides. However, you must convey enough information without confusing your audience.


Digital marketers can make use of Instagram Carousel Ads to engage their customers. Once you are set to make your Instagram advertising better, prepare yourself to create your first Carousel Ad and start reaping the fruits of the interesting ad format. Through the method of following step-by-step instructions, the best practices, and the implementation of creative thoughts, anyone can make Carousel Ads that not only attract but likewise convert.

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