Guide To LinkedIn Ad Types For 2024

LinkedIn is the professional’s playground in the various digital advertising platforms. In case your target audience includes those individuals who are oriented in their career, the ones who have been in the industry for a long or even the B2B companies then this would be a great place for you. However, you will need to know about different ad types and formats if you want to do it effectively on this unique social media platform.

LinkedIn Ad Types
LinkedIn Ad Types

Sponsored Content: Amplify Your Brand’s Voice

What Is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is native advertising on LinkedIn platforms that appears directly on a professional’s feed regardless of the device they are using. It is used by companies for updating their followers about different things such as new products, and services offered among others, or even send personalized messages to their audience.

Why Use Sponsored Content?

It integrates the specificity of marketing ads on LinkedIn with the efficiency of native adverts. The most versatile ad format on LinkedIn works perfectly well with any given company marketing goals and this is attributed to the fact that it combines the effectiveness of native advertising with precision targeting options provided by LinkedIn’s huge user database.

Your Sponsored Content Specifications:

  • Company Page Posts: These are ideal when updating your company page.  Either choose existing posts or create new ones directly in the Campaign Manager.
  • Carousel Ads: One advertisement can contain up to 10 images or videos each having its URL link attached to them.
  • Video Ads: Show the usage of certain products, and share thought leadership videos by executives among others.
  • Lead Gen Form: Collect leads on LinkedIn using prefilled forms from your ad.

Best Practices of How Sponsored Content Succeeds:

  • To attract people’s attention ensure that you use high-quality images and create interesting headlines.
  • Make sure your message is brief but still detailed enough for professionals who might be viewing their feeds in a hurry.
  • Discover which types work best by testing out different ad creatives then monitor performance closely to have them satisfactorily optimized towards achieving desired outcomes.

Sponsored InMail: Personalized Marketing at Scale

What Is Sponsored InMail?

With Sponsored InMail, you can send custom messages directly to the LinkedIn inboxes of your audience at a time when they are most likely to engage.

Why Choose Sponsored InMail?

It is best used for situations where you need to ensure that your message does not get lost. Events invitations, product announcements, and webinar promotions can be delivered to the LinkedIn inbox of the users directly.

Requirements for Your Sponsored InMail:

  • Subject Line: Create an enticing subject line that grabs the recipient’s attention.
  • Body Text: Make it more personal by including the recipient’s name and adding a clear call-to-action.
  • Banner: Improve your message with a striking image that attracts the eye.
  • Lead Gen Form: Use pre-filled forms to collect leads directly from the InMail.

Best Practices for Successful Sponsored InMail:

  • Always A/B test your InMail campaigns to pinpoint the most effective messaging, timing, and audience.
  • Keep it personal. Address the needs or pain points of your recipient in the message.
  • Send valuable content in respect of the recipient’s time. Too much messaging may be detrimental. 

Dynamic Ads: Highly Personalized Brand Enhancers

What are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic ads are personalized for each professional across Linkedin by personalizing the ad creative and content automatically.

Why Choose Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic ads help you create more personalized experiences for each prospect by customizing the copy and image automatically.

Technical Specifications for Your Dynamic Ad:

  • Follower Ad: Attract new followers and increase engagement on your LinkedIn page or showcase page.
  • Spotlight Ad: Drive traffic to a specific URL such as your webinar registration page or download site.
  • Content Ad: To drive quality leads promote white papers or e-books that are part of your content marketing assets through this type of ad. 
  • Job Ad: Grow talent pipeline by promoting open positions.

Best Practices for Successful Dynamic Ads:

  • Strategically use pre-built templates as well as customizable fields in enhancing ad personalization.
  • For each dynamic ad type, take advantage of LinkedIn’s exclusive targeting options to reach niche segments with the most relevant campaigns.
  • Monitor campaign data regularly to optimize it according to your audience and ensure that the creative continues resonating with them. 

Text Ads: The Simple Yet Effective Option

What Are Text Ads?

LinkedIn text advertisements are advertising models that appear in the form of basic text a single narrow column as either pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) ads

Why Choose Text Ads?

Especially when you’re targeting a professional audience on LinkedIn, a text ad is a simple and cost-effective way of doing this considering that there could be multiple campaigns running at the same time each targeting different people.

Specifications For Your Text Ads:

  • Headline: Maximum of 25 characters for grabbing attention.
  • Description: Two lines of 75 characters each for impactful messaging.
  • Image: 50×50 pixel dimensions are enough to stir visual interest while optimizing ad performance.
  • Destination URL: Share website link; take traffic anywhere (lead gen form etc.).

Best Practices For Successful Text Ads:

  • Make sure your message is clear and directly linked with what action you want the viewer to take.
  • Use compelling calls for action.
  • Whereby you continuously test different ad copies and images during the campaign period to see which ones resonate well with your audience more than others could.

Display Ads: Your Brand’s Canvas on LinkedIn

What Are Display Ads?

Display Ads on LinkedIn are formats for ads that are highly visible and engaging. They feature a combination of text and images that grab more attention.

Why Choosing Display Ads?

These ads can allow you to attract a broader audience or create engagement with your followers through visually appealing content.

Specs for Your Display Ads:

  • Follower Ad: Directly call for action to grow your page followers.
  • Spotlight Ad: Landing page traffic driver with a large clickable billboard
  • Content Ad: Promote assets such as whitepapers to generate quality leads across different industries.

Best Practices for Success with Display Ads:

  • Design standout ads that are visually striking and consistent with your brand image.
  • Use direct compelling headlines speaking straight into the heart of your audience.
  • Regularly review targeting to be certain you’re reaching out to the right people and adjust your bids to ensure competitiveness across all auctions.

Comparison of Advertising Formats and Their Benefits

LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Ads

Different types of ads have different purposes and advantages for various campaign goals.

Gaining brand awareness

If you want to create more visibility for your brand consider using In-feed sponsored content with its native story format.

Lead generation

LinkedIn dynamic ads are a great way to generate leads on a personal level by sending custom messages directly into the users’ feeds.

Promoting events

Promote your events using sponsored content or InMail depending on whether you want passive exposure through feed or direct communication with your audience.

Focused recruitment

Using dynamic job ads, you can attract employees whose skills match what you need based on their LinkedIn profiles.

Niche marketing

For a very specific or narrow market, one cannot underrate the effectiveness of Sponsored InMail’s direct communication approach.

Cheap campaigns

Text ads from LinkedIn offer a simple and no-frills method for smaller campaigns that do not have much money to spend.

Visual storytelling at its best

Display advertisements allow for videos and any other rich media. They are highly flexible and can tell a story of their own in an instance where one would like to make the message permanent.

Final Thoughts

The advertising platform provided by LinkedIn is meant for everyone in the world of business. If your aim is creating prospective clients, raising brand awareness, or getting the most suitable personnel for your company, rest assured that LinkedIn has a way of doing it. Bear in mind that you don’t only need a catchy slogan but also an understanding of the business approach peculiar to this social network. There will be a breakthrough in your next ad campaign on LinkedIn.

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