LinkedIn Conversation Ads: The Complete Guide

Highly effective advertising is about presenting sensible, reliable, and useful information to the correct audience in a form that is known to an identified audience. For LinkedIn conversation ads, messages appear as direct messages in potential customers’ inboxes. Depending on how the reader interacts with them, they show a different conversation. They function similarly to regular conversation methods and are a useful way to increase your brand audience, raise sales leads, and get more website traffic. 

When it comes to companies trying to make use of what has become the most prestigious professional platform, mastering LinkedIn Conversation Ads is less of a choice and more of a need. By the end of this guide, you will not only understand what LinkedIn Advertising Conversation Ads are but also develop a lot of ideas on how to integrate them entirely into your brand’s advertising strategy.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads
LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Table of Contents

  • What are LinkedIn Conversation Ads?
  • Key Benefits of LinkedIn Conversation Ads
  • LinkedIn Conversation Ad Objectives
  • LinkedIn Conversation Ads Specs
  • 6 Best Practices for LinkedIn Conversation Ads
  • FAQs
  • To Sum Up

What Are LinkedIn Conversation Ads?

Conversation Ads on LinkedIn are a full-funnel ad experience that maximizes engagement. They are designed to interact with potential prospects in the way that’s most natural for them. These ads are natively interactive, allowing for the dynamic dialogues that naturally occur in real life. By this means you can have personal feedback on each question, and then you can have advertising plans ready for conversion. The main part of the Conversation Ads allows the recipients to do the conversion without leaving the website that they are currently using. Before they went to the conversational ads and interruptions were an issue, but now those ads can intrude and coincide with the flow of messages in the member’s chat box.

Key Benefits of LinkedIn Conversation Ads

LinkedIn Conversation Ads provide a variety of advantages that make them the preferred choice of businesses looking to initiate conversation with their customers:

  • Engaged: By providing a personal user experience Conversation Ads generate significantly more engagement when compared to static advertisements.
  • Lead Qualification: The interactivity of the ads permits more precise lead qualification so that marketers can select the leads with the greatest value.
  • Advanced Data Collection: Through different response mechanisms, companies can collect more precise information about their customers which payoff in more targeted marketing strategies.
  • More streamlined Nurturing Process: With advertisements that lead buyers through the buying process, it’s much easier to move the user on the continuum from awareness to thought and then action.

LinkedIn Conversation Ad Objectives

Before setting up your LinkedIn Advertising campaign, it is essential to ensure that your business objectives and your ad objectives are in sync. Along with the other objectives, LinkedIn Conversation Ads also tend to prioritize diverse objectives in addition to:

Lead Generation

LinkedIn’s native forms are used for collecting contact information in a structured manner. In such a conversational ad, this can be achieved in part by inquiring step by step which allows us to read the lead’s symptoms and at the same time the lead gets to know how we can resolve them.

Brand Awareness

Start, not a lecture, but a conversation to bring out what the essence of the brand is; the values that it holds, and the image it portrays among customers. Through reactivity, the brand message is communicated in a way that the recipients’ interest becomes more genuine in their minds; thus we would do brand awareness more effectively and elegantly in the user.

Event Registration

Entice LinkedIn users to sign up for an educational session, offline, or online event. By using the LinkedIn event ad objective, visitors can register on the platform without leaving it.

Website Visits and Conversions

In the case of in-platform dialogs, the main goal of many ad campaigns is usually the user’s journey onto the website and conversions like through lead magnets or other offers.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads Specs

When you’re creating the first LinkedIn Conversation Ad it’s essential to be aware of the technical specifications that will ensure your material appears well-qualified and works definitely.

  • Headline: 70-character threshold
  • Text: 90 characters max
  • Image or Video: Supported video file types include. ASF, .AVI, FLV, .M1V, MOV, .MP4, MPEG, .MPG, MP4, .WMV, and .3G2 with a maximum 200 MB file size.
  • Call-to-Action: You get several buttons such as ‘Learn more,’ and ‘Register.’ So on and so forth.

6 Best Practices for LinkedIn Conversation Ads

To make your LinkedIn Conversation Ads unique and to produce the desired effect, apply these six tips:

Know Your Audience at a Deeper Level

The most effective ads come from addressing directly the user’s needs and aspirations. Use LinkedIn’s detailed targeting to focus your conversation ads on a segment that matches your offering as closely as possible.

Use Visuals to Enhance Engagement

Utilize rich media like videos and images to increase engagement with your ad. Make sure the media used is not only high quality but also of real value to the users.

Provide Value in Every Interaction

Every single part of a conversation should provide the user with something of value, be it knowledge, joy, or a solution for their difficulty. Eliminate hard-selling but instead, develop a bridge with customers. 

Optimize for Mobile

The majority of LinkedIn users access the platform through mobiles. Make your ad content and the line of the conversation as interesting on a smartphone as they are on a desktop. 

Continually Refresh Your Content

Keep your conversation ads going by changing them often with new content. As a result of this activity, users will recognize you as an evolved and forward-thinking brand, and the interaction will increase.

Leverage A/B Testing

Try the different components of your ad like messaging, images, and conversation flows to see which combinations are more effective together. It’s a critical component of ad effectiveness to perform A/B testing.


Can I use LinkedIn Conversation Ads for any type of product or service?

Although Conversation Ads work very well for lead generation and sales in weekday environments, they can be not so appropriate for campaigns that broadly target consumers. Ensure that your product or service meets the needs of professionals or entrepreneurs at first.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when running a LinkedIn Conversation Ad campaign?

Among the common mistakes to avoid include are lack of knowing your audience, presenting too much sell-side pitching, not following up the leads, and failing to make all necessary adjustments to the campaign based on performance. Make sure everything runs very smoothly.

Can I use rich media in a Conversation Ad?

At the moment, on LinkedIn, you can create Conversation Ads that incorporate text, images, and up to five downloadable responses for the users. But it is not possible to use a video or any other type of rich media at the moment.

How Should I Measure the Success of My LinkedIn Conversation Ads?

Success is measured by engagement metrics like click-through rate, message responses, and completion of any lead generation forms that are included.

What Is the Best Way to Personalize Conversation Ads?

LinkedIn offers data and targeting options to personalize conversation ads. By utilizing a user’s professional profile and interests, personalized messages can be created for effective communication.

To Sum Up

Concentrate on delivering a valuable experience, personalizing it as well as facilitating an effortless user experience using LinkedIn conversation Ads. With the guidance of this definitive guide, you’ll be equipped to experiment with Conversation ads on LinkedIn. So, now go out and join in the conversations that can bring your business closer to its goals on LinkedIn.

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