The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Sponsored Content

When it comes to marketing in the B2B space, this is even more true. This is the place where LinkedIn Sponsored Content comes in as a powerful tool for targeted advertising; a tool that can be used to cut through the professional maze allowing brands to strike, engage, and convert. This ultimate guide covers everything about LinkedIn Sponsored Content. No detail is spared from creating your first campaign to achieving optimization for success.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content
LinkedIn Sponsored Content

What is LinkedIn Sponsored Content?

There are paid ads on LinkedIn that we refer to as sponsored content, which makes you get your brand story into the non-followers news feed. These native ad formats can be used for brand awareness, generating leads, or even engagement and can be customized towards your goals specifically in the fierce digital world thus making them outstanding. Visibility-wise, sponsored contents have a higher reach compared to plain texts or image adverts such that you can share information about your brand straight to people with insights among other things.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content specs

Content Types

There are several LinkedIn Sponsored Content types namely single-image ads, carousel ads, and video ads. For each of these kinds, hereby are given some specifications to remember:

Single Image Ads

  • Maximum file size: 10MB
  • Image ratio: 1.91:1 to 1:1
  • Image resolution should be at least 1200 x 627 pixels
  • Text up to 150 characters
  • 70 characters for the headline

    Carousel Ads

    • Image ratio: 1.01:1
    • Image resolution should be at least 1080 x 1080
    • Headline up to 45 characters
    • Introductory text up to 150 characters
    • Destination URL

      Video Ads

      • File format: MP4
      • Ratio: 16:9, 1:1, or 2:3
      • File size: 8GB
      • Video length of up to 30 minutes
      • 150 characters for text
      • 70 characters for the headline
      • Titles for call-to-action (CTA) of up to 20 characters
      • Description for CTA of up to 30 characters

        Desktop Feed Ads

        • Big on desktop feed, so high image size and quality are necessary.
        • Concise text that complements the ad — avoid sounds if possible for calm advertising

        Mobile Feed Ads

        • Size will vary on different mobile devices but still requires high image quality.
        • The text should be less aligned for the desktop environment and more tailored for on-the-go professionals.

        Text Ads

        • Headline – up to 25 characters.
        • Description – up to 75 characters between two description lines.
        • Destination URL – that leads to a full page of the product or service.

        LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads are designed to be versatile – make sure you’re adjusting the creative elements to fit the platform seamlessly and the device it’s being viewed on, squarely in line with your campaign goals and target audience preferences.

        How to Create LinkedIn-Sponsored Content Ads

        LinkedIn Ads
        LinkedIn Ads

        LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager eases the making of sponsored content ads. Here’s how to start your own LinkedIn Sponsored Campaign from scratch:

        Create A New LinkedIn Campaign

        • Start by logging in to your LinkedIn account and clicking on ‘Work’. Select ‘Advertise’ from the dropdown menu.
        • Under the Campaign Manager, click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button. As your ad type choose ‘Sponsored Content’.
        • You will then be asked to fill in a campaign name. Choose a name that will make it easy for you to know what the purpose of this ad campaign is.

        Define Your Audience Targeting

        • Here, you will define your audience. From job seniority to member interests, LinkedIn offers many options. The tighter the targeting the more relevant the ad will be.
        • When managing multiple campaigns, it is easier if you save your audience.

        Select The Sponsored Ad Type

        • Decide whether you want to promote an already existing post or create a new ones. If you choose to create new ones, ensure that they align with your campaign goals and fall within LinkedIn’s promotional guidelines.
        • If you are promoting external content be sure there is a compelling visual as well as concise post copy which will draw in your audience.

        Set Your Budget And Schedule

        • Determine how much money you want to spend on the campaign. You can set a daily or total budget but also remember that setting the middle of the night as the end time may not help much if the majority of the audience is from a different time zone.
        • When it comes to making this choice; LinkedIn offers a potential reach estimation according to your budget and schedule. 

        Creating Your LinkedIn Sponsored Ad 

        • Begin with a headline that immediately attracts attention. Keep it professional but brief. 
        • Give an enticing description that explains what your ad is all about and why people should care, leading them to click. 
        • The URL must lead to a specific landing page consistent with what was promised in the ad. Be sure the page is optimized for conversions.
        • Choose a picture that best represents the essence of your brand or a video that tells its story more engagingly. Make sure these media types comply with LinkedIn technical requirements for ads.
        • Your call-To-Action statement should ask viewers to take the next logical step. Be it signing up for something, downloading an app learning more information, etc., never leave them guessing what they need to do next after seeing this advertisement so keep it short and simple.

        Launching Your LinkedIn Campaign 

        • After entering all necessary details, review what you have done while looking out for spelling mistakes as well as grammatical errors if any. 
        • Click on ‘Launch’ when ready – for typically takes 24-48 hours before your sponsored ad becomes active since being subject to review by LinkedIn.
        • Upon approval; sponsored posts will begin appearing within newsfeeds belonging to only specific individuals who could become interested parties based on initial target settings alone.

        How Much Do LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Cost?

        Linkedin Sponsored Content charges depend on many elements like your bid, viewers, competition, etc. The minimum daily allocation for any LinkedIn-sponsored content campaign is, CPM as well as CPC with the least bid being a must. 

        Ideally, you calculate the expenditure based on the objectives set. For example, a more conversion-oriented promotion may need elaborate analysis and thus larger funds.

        Tips & Best Practices for LinkedIn Sponsored Content

        If you want to be a master of LinkedIn LinkedIn-sponsored content, then you should use these tips which are advanced

        Ad Scheduling

        More so than what is said in the ad itself – when you schedule an ad can be equally important. Take advantage of your campaign insights to know which days in a week people are most active and also the hours within those days, then set up a few minutes before their peak periods or even during them if feasible.

        Audience Refinement

        Break it down. Don’t be satisfied with general targeting. Use campaign data to make your ads more specific and relevant to certain audiences… Maybe seniority, job function, or group membership could work as additional segmentation criteria?

        Content Iteration

        Change things up periodically so your advertisements don’t get stale. This could mean updating an existing piece of content or creating something entirely new – just keep things interesting for them!

        Conversion Tracking

        Set up the LinkedIn Tag on your website and follow through to see how many conversions each sponsored post generated for you; this is also a way to gauge whether or not they’ve been successful at meeting any other objectives outlined in the campaign brief.


        LinkedIn Sponsored Content necessitates an investment on both time and financial basis, it might also bring you more benefits than you can imagine. Don’t forget to schedule, organize, and develop your campaigns properly and you will have a victorious B2B marketing strategy within the most massive professional network worldwide. It should be noted that effective advertising on LinkedIn or any other platform demands a combination of creative thinking, numbers analysis, and desire for experiments. Keep calibrating your methods according to the performance indicators thus remember that every day is a school day. So let’s get down to launching catchy LinkedIn ads right now!

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