LinkedIn Video Ads: The Complete Guide

LinkedIn sure is quite the place, not just for job seekers; it being a professional community makes it a great tool for marketers targeting other businesses (B2B). A key thing that can be used by those doing marketing on LinkedIn is making video ads.
If you are asking yourself how do I get through to my potential customers using video adverts on LinkedIn, which will also help me grow as an entrepreneur? Then here is where your quest ends!

LinkedIn Video Ads
LinkedIn Video Ads

The Advantages of LinkedIn Video Ads

Before you start, you have to understand why you are advertising using videos on LinkedIn. Make sure to have a look at these points when making your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

High Engagement Levels

While text requires much time, professionals usually have less time to spare. Comparatively, videos on LinkedIn normally receive high engagement rates as opposed to any other form of content.  This is because a well-designed video can easily capture the attention of the viewer.

Enhanced Targeting Options

With LinkedIn’s targeting abilities, one can accurately locate their audience. To do this, you should use variables like job title or industry; company size, etc when targeting specific people who should see your information.

Increased Brand Visibility

Your brand awareness and recognition among your target professional sector can be improved through video ads. More so, it can help you to look different from others since there is little visual content in a professional setup where people expect everything in writing.

LinkedIn Video Ad Specs

Whenever you start to create a great video ad, it is important to understand the specifications. For your ad to look its best, you must follow LinkedIn’s video ad specs

  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 or 16:9 
  • File Type: MOV or MP4
  • Max File Size: 200 MB
  • Resolution: At least 1920 x 1080
  • Video Length: 3 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Frame Rate: At least 30 frames per second
  • Audio: Stereo with a sample rate of 48 kHz
  • Text Overlay: This is not mandatory but can make your message  clearer to viewers who may be watching without sound

It should be noted that although these are recommendations put forth by LinkedIn, failing to meet them could result in decreased delivery efficiency because of unmet standards

How to Get Started with LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Ads

Step 1: Creating a LinkedIn Ad Account

The first thing that one needs to do is set up a LinkedIn ad account, which will provide access to its advertising tools. If the person has never advertised on LinkedIn before, they should create a company page. After that, they should go to the advertising tab under the primary navigation and set up an account by following instructions.

Step 2: Campaign Objectives

Your campaign objective will determine who gets to see your ad as well as the bidding options available. Select an objective that aligns with broader marketing goals whether it’s targeting brand awareness, consideration, or conversions. This step needs specifics since it’ll guide the creation of ads.

Step 3: Defining Your Audience

LinkedIn provides very rich targeting possibilities for narrowing down to only the most relevant professionals for your business. Targeting can be done based on job titles industry sectors company sizes etc., and so forth. It therefore means that you will have a more effective campaign if these filters are employed in coming up with a detailed persona about who your ad’s audience should be.

Step 4: Setting the Ad Budget & Schedule

You need to plan how much money you want to spend on advertisements and when you want them delivered. You should initially start with an affordable budget that reflects what value needs to be delivered to you. Test different budget schedules against specific objectives within different audience segments until finding out which one works best.

Step 5: Ad Formats

Whilst there are several formats of ads available on LinkedIn, when dealing with video content one has the option between sponsored video content and video ads. 

The former allows you to include video in your feed content, while the latter gives you a fullscreen, autoplay video that’s hard to miss. Your message and goals should be reflected in the format you choose.

Step 6: Develop Your Video Content

Your video content should be clear, professional, and reflect your brand’s identity. Keep it concise; LinkedIn recommends that advertisements run for 15 seconds at most. Focus on how your product or service solves the needs of the professionals you are targeting in your video’s message.

Step 7: Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Since many LinkedIn users engage with the platform via mobile, ensuring your video ad looks and sounds good on a phone is crucial. This means using high-quality graphics and audio, as well as subtitles since many mobile viewers watch videos with the sound off.

Step 8: Add a Call to Action

A clear call to action is your ad’s North Star. It guides viewers on the next steps and should be prominently featured in your video and/or ad copy. Whether it’s a link to your website, a lead generation form, or a download button, the CTA should facilitate the desired audience response.

How Much Do LinkedIn Video Ads Cost? 

Advertising on LinkedIn is subject to change based on a variety of variables, such as your targeting parameters, ad objectives, and competition in your field. In general, LinkedIn’s daily minimum ad budget of $10 is for paid content including videos.

Factors That Can Impact the Cost:

  • Bidding: You have the choice of choosing the cost of a click and price per view. The cost of the advertising will be influenced by the bidding strategy you choose to use.
  • The size of the audience and its reach: A wider audience may come at a higher cost.
  • Competition: When bidding on the same market as others you’ll likely be more expensive.
  • Qualitative Score: The relevance of your advertisement to your target audience may influence the bid you make.

Understanding Bidding Types:

The bidding types offered by LinkedIn include:

  • CPC Cost per click
  • CPM Price per 1000 impressions
  • Cost per View (CPV): Cost per viewing (which is an uninterrupted view lasting a minimum of 2 seconds)
  • vCPM: Cost per 1,000 viewable impressions

Budget Considerations

When determining the LinkedIn Video Ad budget should be guided by your business goals as well as the competitive landscape and marketing budgets available. Begin by establishing the test budget to assess how the platform performs regarding costs and quality of leads.

LinkedIn Video Ads Best Practices for 2024

Do you want your LinkedIn video ads to be successful? Stand out and communicate a story that is specific to the audience you are trying to reach. Follow these best practices when creating marketing campaigns to yield better results:

Tailor Content to Audience

Make sure what you say in your videos matches with what their field is all about as well as the roles they play. Use words and ideas that connect with the things these people care most about or find challenging.

Tell a Compelling Story

When it comes to creating video ads, always remember that they should be centered on telling stories capable of catching people’s attention guiding them toward making decisions or taking actions. So let your ad have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Brand Clearly and Early

The first few seconds of any advert are crucial; this theory applies even more when dealing with video ads meant for cold audiences. The viewer must be able to link the content to your brand immediately after hitting the play button.

Utilize Closed Captions

To attract a larger audience including those who watch videos without sound or with hearing difficulties – add closed captions to your ad. People are more likely to engage with your message if they understand it easily.

Test Multiple Ad Variations

For you to know which ad will work best for your audience, come up with different creatives, texts, and calls-to-action then test them. Practise A/B testing where several versions of the same advertisement are run at once but with slight modifications made on each version so that we can establish which one is most effective.

Make a habit of examining reports all the time

Keep an eye on the performance of your advertisement so that you can make informed changes. What do we mean when we say analyze important statistics and understand what is not working?

Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Video Advertising ROI


Know Your Viewers 

Before Making Video Ads, You Must Understand the People Who Will Watch Them. Make videos that speak to what motivates them; their challenges – anything that will resonate with your target audience best.

Create Stories People Can’t Resist Watching

Good advertisement stories are intriguing. Such stories should show how a product solves real-life problems or how using them can change one’s professional life. Videos like these ought to be very emotional and engaging so they keep people watching till the end.

Optimize Videos for Muted Viewing

Remember, not all people will play video ads on LinkedIn with sound. Therefore, you need to create compelling visuals and graphics that will still communicate the necessary information even when the audio is off. Closed captions and on-screen text may also come in handy here because they can be read by viewers instead of listening to dialogues aloud

Testing and Improvement 

Utilize Linked Into Try Out Different Ads Versions – Use the LinkedIn ads a/b testing feature to test different elements of your video ads such as ad title, calls-to-action, video length, etc. Analyze and continuously optimize marketing campaign performances for better results again and again.

Key Metrics for LinkedIn’s Advertising Videos

To know if your LinkedIn video ads are effective you should look at the following 5 KPIs:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Measures the number of clicks on an ad. It is among the right audience engagement indicators for your video if higher.
  • Video View Rate: This metric calculates how well the content was retained among viewers; it tells you about the percentage who started watching from the beginning until the end.
  • Social Actions: Shows levels of engagement and interest that different people have with your videos. This includes likes, comments, or shares received by a video and many more. 
  • Cost Per Video View (CPV): This KPI determines the amount each time money is spent on viewers seeing your videos. It suggests cheaper costs when resonating well with users.
  • Conversion Rate: The number of times viewers complete a certain action after watching your video such as signing up for services or visiting websites among others.


Do I have the ability to target certain companies using my LinkedIn video ads?

It’s true, and it’s one of the most significant advantages of advertising with LinkedIn. You can choose specific businesses, or even sizes to target your video advertisements.

How Often Should I Update My Video Ads?

It’s a good idea to update your video ads every couple of weeks to prevent ad fatigue. This could include an entirely different variant of an ad, or making new material that is based on the lessons have you learned through the previous campaign.

Can I test A/B using LinkedIn Videos?

 The Campaign Manager on LinkedIn lets you test A/B through the creation of different ad variations within a single campaign. Be sure to test a single element at a time to gain precise insights.

What is the time it will take to allow a LinkedIn video ad accepted?

The process of approval typically lasts about 24-48 hours however this may vary depending on the load of LinkedIn’s staff and the details of your video advertisement.

Can I Use My Existing YouTube Videos for LinkedIn Video Ads?

Yes, you can reuse your old YouTube videos to create LinkedIn video advertisements, but keep in mind that different platforms might have their perfect techniques. Make sure you review every video posted on LinkedIn to ensure it meets the guidelines of LinkedIn and adjust it if necessary to suit LinkedIn viewers.

Can I reuse Videos from other platforms via LinkedIn?

If you can, warrant your video material is in line with the competent environment of LinkedIn. Thumbnail, title, and description optimizations specifically for LinkedIn are also able to increase the effectiveness of reused material.

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