How Much Do Pinterest Ads Cost in 2024

The digital marketing niche has transformed into a multi-spectrum world where businesses cannot afford to ignore any single platform that might elevate their reach to great heights. In the case of advertisers, Pinterest has stood out as a good money-making channel because it is visually oriented and discovery-driven. By the time we are in 2024, knowing how much it costs to advertise on Pinterest should not just be seen as one more thing for your marketing budget; it should instead be viewed as an act of strategically allocating resources that could significantly affect your return on investment (ROI).  

How Much Do Pinterest Ads Cost
How Much Do Pinterest Ads Cost

Table of Contents

  • Why Advertise on Pinterest?
  • Different Ways to Advertise on Pinterest
  • How Much Do Pinterest Ads Cost?
  • Factors that affect Pinterest ad cost
  • How to Calculate the True Cost
  • Tips for Lowering the Cost of Pinterest Ads
  • FAQs
  • In Summary

Why Advertise on Pinterest?

There is more about Pinterest than just being another social media site; it is a search engine for ideas and inspiration. People do not just scroll through it out of boredom; they come looking for things to learn, do, buy, or save and thus are high-intent customers who should be targeted for engagement.

The following are various reasons why advertising on Pinterest can be very beneficial:

  • Visually Engaged Audience: Pinterest relies on visual discovery which means that if your brand prospers in beautiful things then this is the place for you.
  • Shopping Intent: According to data, 2/3 of weekly pinners utilize branded content to help them plan for seasons and holidays as they make purchases.
  • High Average Order Value: It is believed that people who use this platform have more money than those who don’t and therefore they spend more resulting in brands earning higher revenue from them per each order placed.
  • Longer Content Lifecycle: The pin has a much longer lifespan compared to an ordinary tweet or Facebook post, which gives it prolonged tail marketing benefits.
  • Growth Opportunities: In terms of both user base expansion as well new features being rolled out advertisers can bet their bucks on Pinterest.

Different Ways to Advertise on Pinterest

  • Promoted Pins: These are standard pins that have been boosted to reach a wider audience. They seamlessly blend in with organic pins and offer a non-disruptive advertising experience.
  • Carousel Pins: Similar to Instagram, these enable users to swipe through a series of images or videos where each one is linked to a different landing page.
  • Video Pins: Autoplay native video ads on Pinterest which capture attention by moving visuals and can go up to 30 minutes long.
  • Shopping Ads: These types of advertisements highlight products along with their prices to attract more sales from impulse buyers.
  • Story Pins: They allow for full-screen immersive storytelling great for brand narrative telling and lifestyle content experience sharing.

How Much Do Pinterest Ads Cost?

Pinterest Ads
Pinterest Ads

Running ads on Pinterest can cost more than you think. The type of bid, industry, or audience you target can influence the cost of a campaign. These are two key factors that determine the cost of ads on Pinterest. However, the minimum budget recommended for running a Pinterest campaign is $1 per day with a minimum bid price of $5 but what does this mean in terms of Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Mille (CPM)?

Here are some average 2024 Pinterest ad prices:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC): You can pay anywhere from $0.10 to $1.50 per click on average. The lower end of this range is more common for promoted pins with site links.
  • Cost Per Mille (CPM): For broader brand awareness campaigns or ad types that don’t require clicks, CPM may go down to around $10 – $20 per 1000 impressions.

Factors that affect Pinterest ad cost

The Pinterest advertising platform is affected by certain things that can greatly change how much you pay for an ad. These are:

Ad quality and relevance

If your ads are good they will cost you less money per click. This is especially true for Pinterest but also other online advertising platforms.

Target audience size & competition for bids

The number of people you want to reach and how specific they are will determine the amount of money you need to spend on bidding against others who are trying to do the same thing. If there are lots of users with similar interests it could drive up costs.

Campaign objectives

What you want the people who see your adverts to do will also affect their price. Traffic campaigns might be more expensive than ones aimed at awareness or engagement because they require immediate action rather than just passive viewing.

Seasonal trends

It’s important to know when user activity levels peak and trough throughout the year because this will also impact competition levels and therefore prices for running campaigns at those times.

How to Calculate the True Cost

Setting a budget is critical in starting a Pinterest Ad Campaign. You should not only consider the ad spent, but also the possible return on investment (ROI) to appreciate the real expense of your Pinterest Ads.

  • Campaign goals and ROI: Determine your campaign objectives, be it brand awareness, website visits, or sales. Next, try and figure out how much money you could make from your ad spend (ROI).
  • Ad pricing model: Choose the right ad pricing model (CPC, CPM, or CPV) based on the people you are targeting and what you want them to do.
  • Projected outcomes: Use Pinterest’s ad tools to predict performance indicators such as reach, engagement rates, and CTRs for your promotion.
  • Budget for advertising: Have a set figure that you will not go beyond during the entire period of running ads but keep adjusting it depending on how they perform in real-time.
  • Reviewing ROI: After your campaign is over, compare what happened vis-à-vis what you thought would happen and use this information as a basis to make your future adverts better.

Tips for Lowering the Cost of Pinterest Ads


When done right, Pinterest ad campaigns can have their costs reduced without affecting the set targets too negatively. The following tips will help you achieve this:

Optimizing Your Website for Pinterest Traffic

Ensure your website looks good and is easy to use for people coming from Pinterest. This will help you spend less on ads due to high conversion rates from positive user experiences as well as lowering CPC.

Conducting a Thorough Keyword Search

Similar to search engines, words/phrases are what determine if a Pinterest campaign will be successful or not. Utilize any available tools that can help identify relevant search terms for the target audience thereby avoiding overspending on broad or generic keywords.

Using Advanced Targeting Options

For gatekeepers/promoters looking forward to seeing a return on investment through advertising their products/services on Pinterest; they should know that the platform offers very many precise audience types which when used may lead them to spend less money for more results achieved in terms of sales made.

Regularly Monitor and Adjust Bids

One should never just place an ad and then leave it running without checking its progress. To avoid getting ripped off by those who charge too much for very little delivery, you need to keep track of how well your ads are doing.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Offerings

Another way would be aligning with seasons or cultural events thereby creating more bids around such periods because at this point many people often search but few businesses bid thus underplacing themselves competitively against others who usually have higher prices during non-peak hours due to less activity seen overall throughout the network.


What different ad types can you use with Pinterest?

There are various ad types on Pinterest, which include the following:

  • Promoted Pins: These are standard ads that you pay to boost and reach a wider audience.
  • Promoted Video Pins: These promoted pins come in a video format.
  • Story Pins: Creators can use images and videos to tell stories through pins.
  • Carousel Pins: People can swipe through multiple images or videos included in these pins.
  • Shopping Ads: When users search for products or visit relevant boards, show them items from your catalog.
  • App Install Pins: Create pins with an install button that drives app downloads.

Can I promote stuff on Pinterest when my budget is tight?

Yes! One can run ads with limited costs by setting daily or lifetime spending allowances for each campaign. To begin with, allocate a small amount so that you may monitor how they are performing and then scale these figures up based on what works best for your business.

How long should I let my ad campaigns on Pinterest run?

Different factors such as objectives and type of industry among others determine the ideal period for showing Pinterest ads. However, it would be advisable to run them for not less than one month to have enough data that support meaningful analysis. Those meant for specific seasons must begin earlier before the peak period and continue throughout.

What types of businesses will benefit most from running adverts on Pinterest?

The areas that profit the most from the advertising on this platform are fashion, e-commerce and food, and home decor and travel as they depend in large part on image material.

What can we expect in terms of ROI when advertising on Pinterest?

ROI for ads on this site varies depending on your industry, target audience, ad quality as well as how well you’ve optimized for these factors among others like bidding strategy effectiveness. Nonetheless many have seen great returns after optimizing their campaigns here.

In Summary

It is important to have the right mindset and message for an advertising platform which thrives on beautiful content that inspires connections. The cost of advertisements on Pinterest may change over time but ingenuity coupled with efficient campaign management will always yield results amidst the ever changing digital landscape of 2024.
Make sure you create your Pinterest ad strategy carefully because there is a great possibility that you might get good returns for what you invest.

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